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    John Talmadge- Diamond Aire

    Wow, no kidding. I had the chance to talk to John briefly about 4 years ago when I was considering an Aztec. He was an amazing guy.
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    Etiquette for establishing 2 way radio-communication at delta

    A lot of training traffic, so it's 50/50 if they remind you about the mandatory VFR reporting point at Valley Medical Additionally (and you wouldn't have reason to know this) Auburn is both a town and a pilot controlled airport (S50), so your call leaves ambiguity of am I taking off from the...
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    Etiquette for establishing 2 way radio-communication at delta

    10 miles out: "Renton Tower, Cessna N12345 is over auburn with Romeo, full stop" "Cessna N12345, fly direct for rwy 34, report Valley Medical Center" "Renton Tower, rwy 34, report valley medical, N12345"
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    PPL still the way to go under MOSAIC?

    I'd also think about if you'll want instrument or night flight later. Since the medical is easy for you, I'd knock out your PPL and know you have the option (as other's mentioned) to take the SP checkride before your reach the PPL checkride point, if you want. But with a 3rd class medical and...
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    Thinking About a New Roof

    Lots of good advice here. I've done probably 10 asphalt shingle roofs in my lifetime either helping family or family helping me. It's hot, heavy work, but really doable once you figure out how to start/end/work around penetrations. That said, on the ADU I built, we had a standing seam metal...
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    Cessna down after stalling on take off

    Wouldn’t that have a similar affect to right rudder plus drag? Yeah, sounds scary Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wealth Distribution in America

    yes. I think one of the biggest things goes back to people at all ages asking themselves. "What do I need to do in life to accumulate the wealth *I* want?" The answer is that there are tons of ways to do it, but if you don't ask yourself that, and BELIEVE that you can do something about it...
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    Wealth Distribution in America

    I think this is generally true, but I know thousands of 401k/housing/RSU millionaires in the coastal areas. There are different ways to get there. MidwestPA24 - I agree generally, but there are some real scary and traumatic things that happen in poverty that you don't tend to see as much in...
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    Wealth Distribution in America

    I work in tech, and our "lower paid" people make 120K/year. I've talked dozens of them through how to maximize our very generous benefits over the years (401k match, HSA contributions, etc). It's shocking how many bright, highly driven people just don't think about it. I was looking from day...
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    Toyota is right about EVs after all...

    A lot of us with older houses have 20A circuits in our garage, so we can take 16A at 120V on level 1 charging.
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    CAPS saves another

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    A letter from the Southeast United States

    Domenick, we went down for Spring break last year and it was amazing, but COLD even in April. I think for us PNW folks, the middle elevations like Sedona are going to be more favorable weather to escape our "soup".
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    A letter from the Southeast United States

    As someone who owns a few places around Seattle and is building two more infill houses, I can tell you that you are 100% correct. the last building permit I got took two years and probably 200K in design and engineering costs/studies to get, plus cost $50k by itself. That's why new houses cost...
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    CAPS saves another

    What was super cool was the local news coverage was POSITIVE and they were absolutely enamored with the CAPS. it was refreshing to see.
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    FAA's Beef with ADHD

    That makes sense, and I'm sorry for being nosey, but I've heard that with individuals with bipolar disorder, but never encountered an ADHD person in the wild that thought this way.
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    FAA's Beef with ADHD

    Truly curious. YOu've seen this with ADHD people??? I've heard of this with more severe mental disorders, but not one (and I know a lot) of ADHD sufferers that I know would think that. They may go off medication at times, but they KNOW they feel and focus differently.
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    Office 365

    You can purchase a local/long term version of Office. $150 for a perpetual license (on the right) OR, a lot of consumers buy "Family" edition that does require you to pay $100/year, but covers 6 people that...
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    Tesla Model 3 - Finally.

    Here’s the view going around the arc, in a 7 passenger golf cart, facing backwards! Heck of a ride. [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thinking about an EV (nvm, bought one)

    I did, but I'm the exception that proves the rule almost. I only did it because we needed to go from a little 2+2 seat electric we loved to a 7 passenger SUV and the choice in 7 passenger SUVs had none that were also in the range of $$ we were willing to spend. I expect when we replace this...
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    PPR and Landing Fee Nonsense Again in Vegas for Superbowl

    Agree mostly, but I would say there IS some elasticity in that there are folks in this thread saying "I won't go at that price". Yet, the ramps will be chock-a-block with planes, so it seems like they are charging the correct price, or potentially still undercharging. I wish that more things...