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    Airport FBO bulletin boards - gone or empty

    Not everyone is necessarily ready to sell their plane when they list it. Lots of reasons why that happens. "Okay Honey, I put ads up for the plane."
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    Airport FBO bulletin boards - gone or empty

    My local airport has a pretty active bulletin board in the GA terminal (separate building from the FBO). Plenty of used aircraft, parts, and most recently people wanting to go to Sun N Fun and Osh.
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    Home Insurance

    Be glad you can get quotes at all -- I'm still trying to get quotes for my parents' temporary condo which they bought 6 months ago. No hurricane damage to it, not in a flood zone, but it's in SW FL, so all bets are off.
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    Avgas prices coming down, too

    $4.76 at FMY... A far cry from the $2.50 it was back when I started this flying thing in 2020.
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    Notams down?

    I'm a low-time guy, so take this with a grain of salt: To me, those are two different situations and I'd have two different responses. For the former, I wouldn't use the ILS unless the NOTAMs had been cleared. For the second scenario, I would have no problem landing with the NOTAM still in...
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    Notams down?

    How do you know that it came back online at 1500? Just because there's a signal there doesn't mean it's accurate/usable. Such was/is the case for many ground-based navaids in Florida after Hurricane Ian. Sure, some of the navaids were still putting out signals after the hurricane, but they...
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    Here's a notam I haven't seen before:

    For awhile we had an aerostat at the south end of Fort Myers Beach providing communications after Hurricane Ian. I never saw it appear in the NOTAMs though
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    Notams down?

    Does anyone know who actually runs the NOTAM systems? Is it FAA or is it subbed out to Leidos/Lockheed/etc?
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    Notams down?

    (emphasis added) You know, that right there could be a quick way to at least band-aid the thing: Some sort of automatic prioritization. RWY CLSD/ILS INOP would obviously be a higher priority than non-standard signage or the infamous tower lights inop. As with anything automated, it could...
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    Risk Tolerance

    How about doing what they teach students -- plan for the failure. Google Maps is free and easy. Plot your course, look for places where you could put it down along the way. As you're flying, keep looking for places where you could land. Practice power-off approaches and see how far you can...
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    Most unwelcoming airport - Chicago O'Hare ORD

    I've found Tampa to be quite friendly and open. Much more friendly than my local Class D. Orlando Bravo is a different story. I think they wish anything other than 121's would go away.
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    Lightspeed Delta Zulu

    Lithium battery? Is it user-replaceable? If not, no way, no how.
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    Daily Pic

    Cape Coral, Florida. Hurricane Ian debris pile & blue roofs. Some of the gray roofs you see are tarps as well.
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    Florida plane crash into Gulf PA-28

    There's a huge difference between discussing something in training vs. experiencing the real thing. Case in point: stall-spins. The gentle, docile training stalls most students are exposed to are nothing like the real thing. One of my CFIs did me a huge favor early in my training. We...
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    Florida plane crash into Gulf PA-28

    I doubt it. For the purposes of this crash, a steam-gauge attitude indicator would give you the exact same information. You're taking off directly over the Gulf of Mexico. There's no terrain nor obstacles to clear. If anything, putting something like a G3000 in the hands of a low-time...
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    Florida plane crash into Gulf PA-28

    ...except the pilot in this accident didn't have the benefit of "skyline flights with scenic city lights." If you're on a RWY 23 departure at VNC, once you leave the runway you're in pure darkness. No reference for a horizon. There's a golf course immediately SW of the airfield, nature...
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    Florida plane crash into Gulf PA-28

    THIS! My night XC with my instructor was to SPG. RWY 7 departure right over Tampa Bay. As soon as that runway disappeared beneath me, it was truly IFR. I immediately switched over to looking at the instruments and turned the autopilot on. There wasn't anything useful for guidance out the...
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    Water approaches / Any Navy pilots here?

    Any tips/tricks for landing on a runway surrounded by water and visually gauging height? I recently did my "long" solo cross country flight, with KSPG being one of the stops. Winds were variable and gusty. Tower advertised RWY 36 as the active. PAPIs were out of service and completely...
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    +1 for chair flying. Also, if can, hop in the cockpit of your airplane and practice, even better. I hadn't flown in a month, and almost 6 months since my last cross country. 2 days before the flight I went out to the hangar in the evening, plugged the aircraft into ground power, turned...