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  1. cowman

    Private passage for privileged pets

    I wonder if they would hire any of us single engine guys with a CPL for "connecting flights". :D
  2. cowman

    Garmin 430. Reckon how long to live?

    I'm pretty sure they're going to keep selling DB updates as long as there are customers to buy them. What they mean by stop supporting is that they aren't making new parts for them so if you need a unit repaired it may not be possible to get it fixed. IMHO the 430/530 series isn't going away...
  3. cowman


    When I was doing my PPL it was power on stalls that made me the most nervous followed by crosswind landings in heavy wind…. but a good instructor beat the last one out of me.
  4. cowman

    Rough River '24! (2I3, 4/26/24 - 4/28/24

    Nobody wants to draw the party cabin. :D
  5. cowman

    Fixed gear temporarily for insurance purposes?

    How bad is the quote? I have a Lance and my yearly premiums are around $3k. Are you instrument rated? That brings it down quite a bit. Complex time/time in type will bring it down as well.. total hours also help. If you can stick it out for a year at the higher rate and build that time...
  6. cowman

    Piece of plastic packaging blown into the tank

    Before trying some of these more difficult options I would take a flashlight and one of these tools and go fishing If you've never seen...
  7. cowman

    New Ipad restore

    When all else fails on an iOS device you can put it in DFU mode and restore it with itunes. Note: you need a computer running the newest version of iTunes and a usb cable to connect your ipad to it in order to do this. Once you put it in this mode it will just show a message to connect the...
  8. cowman

    Thanks a lot, Ukraine

    I, for one am shocked that people on an aviation discussion forum would be discussing news and only focusing on potential implications to aviation.
  9. cowman

    Mental Health & Medical Clearances ARC Report

    My guess would be the world would pretty quickly follow where we lead on this. Either way, any movement in the right direction will be good.
  10. cowman

    Thanks a lot, Ukraine

    I hate to say it but it didn't happen in the US so I doubt anyone here will pay much attention to it. The big thing I thought we'd be seeing by now is people attaching small explosive devices- like pipe bomb/grenade sized things to consumer drones. Fortunately it doesn't seem to be a thing.
  11. cowman

    Can you jump a 12V plane battery with a car?

    So, I don't know how Cessnas are set up(consult your POH) but on both Pipers I've owned when you apply power to the external power plug a relay clicks and your airplane is entirely powered from whatever that plug is connected to. As in even with the master off, everything turns on and you can...
  12. cowman

    How thoroughly do you clean your grill?

    If I understand what I'm reading it's saying there's no real difference between the dull side and shiny side of the aluminum foil as far as reflecting heat.
  13. cowman

    Can you jump a 12V plane battery with a car?

    Yes, if you have an external power plug there are even adapters for jumper cables. At least Pipers have them, I am not sure what Cessna has.
  14. cowman

    Rough River '24! (2I3, 4/26/24 - 4/28/24

    Our reservation is in.
  15. cowman

    Single Engine down in Nashville - KJWN

    So my fuel management strategy has always been a 30-min timer set on my 530 that prompts me to switch tanks. However, I've always had the habit of not switching between initial taxi and climbout or if I'm already approaching my destination airport. My sort of vague reasoning was that if...
  16. cowman

    runup area. WWYD?

    I don't usually operate out of fields busy enough to be a problem but that's a dumb setup.... I think moving the hold short line closer to the runway like was mentioned earlier in the thread and maybe putting up a sign suggesting aircraft pull to the end to do their run-ups would be appropriate...
  17. cowman

    First airplane purchase PA28 Help

    What about a PA-28-235 or -236 Dakota? That would be the only intermediate step between a pa-28-180 and a six.
  18. cowman

    How thoroughly do you clean your grill?

    I'm aware of that but I've never found an alternative that really works. The nylon ones are useless. I just look it over before using it, so far I've never seen a wire remaining on the cooking surface. I have found a few deep inside the grill when doing a major cleaning but never on the...
  19. cowman

    How thoroughly do you clean your grill?

    Honestly I've probably done all of the above at different points, but usually it's just the wire brushing. Curious what the norm is.
  20. cowman

    [NA]Microplastics; the latest thing to worry about.

    I think this kind of stuff is the result of the media finding out scientist are researching an interesting thing and trying to make a story out of it.