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    How much have Trent Palmer's legal costs been?

    The problem really is not with insurance companies but with the system where just about every potential mishap, often regardless of circumstances, can represent a potential liability and thus needs to be insured and included in the overall cost/risk assessment. It makes everyday life very...
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    How much have Trent Palmer's legal costs been?

    Yeah… when the revolution finally comes ( left , right , does not matter from which side ) lawyers will be right there in front of the line for the gallows , right behind politicians :) … they and the system they have crated makes everything more painful and expensive , even flying ( i.e...
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    How much have Trent Palmer's legal costs been?

    His channel is rather small with about 50k average views per episode … thats not much at all, certainly not nearly enough to live off of .
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    Rotax clone from China?

    The problem is not with their intelligence but rather with the system itself …
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    How far back can you pull your prop?

    That 50 k+ was the number Rotax gave back in 2015. More than 50,000 engines of the Rotax 912 / 914 series were sold since 1989, resulting in more than 45 million flight hours of the fleet. Rotax is simply mature and well tested engine - the only downside is their relatively low power offerings...
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    Rotax clone from China?

    It is supposed to be a 100% clone due to expired patents or something along these lines … of course there are always questions about manufacturing/qa process differences …
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    Why has Vashon sold so few Rangers, and will MOSAIC turn that around?

    Well, if I were to buy a new LSA i would prefer a spacious plane with a modern engine, a parachute ….rather than something like Ranger which is basically a Cessna 152 for 4 times as much money.
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    Ron Wanttaja

    My guess would be yellow …
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    Fatal - Fort Pierce, FL KFPR

    I dont think anyone comes out of training as a “proficient and well trained pilot” - the best one can hope for is just enough proficiency and knowledge that, when mixed with reasonably well developed self-preservation instinct, will allow one to survive out there by yourself while slowly...
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    Favorite coffee

    it is sugar that is bad for you … drink your coffee with tons of typical extra sweet creamer and it is going to be as bad as Mountain Dew.
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    Buying a LSA. Good idea?

    To be frank, most of flights I see at my airport fit that profile regardless of what plane it is ( ok, I dont see citation owners doing that :-) ) It seems everybody is talking cross country when buying a plane but then when they start flying most of their flights end up being quick simple...
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    Buying a LSA. Good idea?

    With 500+ hours behind Rotax 912 …. this post is just complete nonsense ..
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    Buying a LSA. Good idea?

    It is a wheel that you end up using for a very short time since you are flying a plane… so in the end what difference does it make once you up in the air ?
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    Buying a LSA. Good idea?

    A higher end “fast” LSA will typically be more comfortable than your average GA plane (C-172/182) , much better equipped in terms of avionics and other modern contraptions like BRS/GRS chute etc, about as fast as C-172 and feel much more like a sport car ( and thus more fun ) with the main...
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    Boeing’s on a streak...

    It is not a good sign when news orgs start posting guides on how to figure out ( and presumably avoid ) if you are flying on 737 max 9…
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    Private pilot to sport pilot

    The way I see it, at my airport great majority of flights in non LSA planes follow pretty much the same pattern so most pilots could get by with just a SP cert ( especially true when/if Mosaic goes into effect ). :-)
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    Vans Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

    I got the letter and I just ordered a few of their practice kits - I am actually building a plane from a different company.
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    Cortec primer

    Hi. I need a relatively small quantity of Cortec Primer and I found exactly the size I need being sold at zenithair store ( I registered, placed the order and got my order confirmation, pretty much the same process like on...
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    Vans Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

    There are more than 11 000 or so RV planes flying out there - not sure what is the actual completion rate but cant be that bad if there are so many of them flying …