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  1. Lndwarrior

    Took the plunge...bought a Zenith CH801 kit!

    If this is your first build you may end up surprised at how much time and effort is involved in installing a lycoming engine with all of its disparate parts. There will be no guidance, support, or internet data that will help you figure it out. I know because I did it for my Zenith. The one...
  2. Lndwarrior

    New Facebook Group for IFly GPS's and new EFB Users

    I started a users group for the IFly GPS and new EFB. I've been using the gps (720 then 740B) and software for years. Right now there are major changes going on that has left both old and new users with a lot of questions. The Adventure pilot forum on their website has never gotten much...
  3. Lndwarrior

    Best overall month to do a long trip by 140 knot piston single?

    I did a west coast to east coast and back in my 100 knot plane two years ago. It was in May as well. I spent 7 out of 17 days sitting in hotel rooms waiting for better weather (plane is not IFR). I'm not convinced there is a perfect time, but at least it's not too hot in May.
  4. Lndwarrior

    Lindberg's Final Landing Spot

    Mama's fish house is booked solid a month in advance. The trip around the south end was terrifying. The road is one lane (technically closed) and in terrible condition. A local told us we could "get thru" even though it was closed. Should not have listened to her.
  5. Lndwarrior

    Another hard day cleaning "my" B17

    These things are like an Easy Bake Oven inside. Even if it's cool outside, hot as hell inside.
  6. Lndwarrior

    Lindberg's Final Landing Spot

    The last part was marked "closed" but a local said we could make it. Soooo freakin sketchy! I was crappin my pants for the 3 miles of single lane, no turnaround, crappy road , with a sheer drop off to the ocean. I'm an off roader whose used to some scary roads but this damn thing was...
  7. Lndwarrior

    Aero Classic Leakguards Review

    I've been using leakguards for 8 years. Only had one problem, and that was installer error (me).
  8. Lndwarrior

    Another hard day cleaning "my" B17

    Volunteering at Castle Air Museum near Merced California. I have been assigned as the "crew chief" (aka maintainer, cleaner, weed puller). My Dad was a ball turret gunner in a B17 during the war and my sister spends her summers crewing on the Commerative Air Forces Sentimental Journey. B17s...
  9. Lndwarrior

    Lindberg's Final Landing Spot

    I will admit to having a bit of an emotional moment last week. In a very nondescript and remote area on the very southern tip of Maui, lies the grave of Charles Lindberg. It is in a small graveyard next to an unused church, down a dirt road. It is a lonely but beautiful place right on a...
  10. Lndwarrior

    Things experienced folks observe

    So this would be a witness marker? Or is he really suggesting this is a way to keep this from leaking? If it to keep from leaking (which it can do if the gasket is broken, or incorrect torque) this does not make any sense. It is just as likely to leak anywhere along the bottom of the rocker...
  11. Lndwarrior

    Things experienced folks observe

    If this is a "new engine" in an older aircraft that tiny spot of residual fuel could easily have occurred during the install when a drop of fuel came out of the fuel or primer lines when reinstalling the engine. Such a tiny drop that exists no where else does not suggest an on-going fuel leak.
  12. Lndwarrior

    Things experienced folks observe

    On my Lycoming, these screws all have a regular washer and a star lock washer which I believe is the correct way to deal with this. Check your engine parts manual. Use a calibrated torque screwdriver to set the correct torque value. This is important to prevent leaks and/or setting the...
  13. Lndwarrior

    Things experienced folks observe

    Correct me if I am wrong, but this is not on the pressurized plenum side? It appears to be between the firewall and the pressurized plenum. If this is the case, this has little or nothing to do with engine cooling. There is really no benefit to "fixing" this, other than aesthetics. I think...
  14. Lndwarrior

    Things experienced folks observe

    Painters tape on both sides of gap. Apply a thin bead of silicone sealant. Remove tape. On the other hand this gap is so small I ouwld just leave it unless you are in a cold climate and the cold air leakage is a problem in the cabin.
  15. Lndwarrior

    What is the most fun "Aviation tool/gear" you've purchased?

    Just a cheap one; $200. My plane is light sport so I bought the lightest one I could find. Can't remember the name of it. It has zero vibration isolation (and I replaced the inflatable tires with solid rubber. inflatables kept going flat) so it's not fun to ride. Not something I would...
  16. Lndwarrior

    Do you call when you're the unknown traffic

    This is the correct answer to your specific question. No idea why people chime in on stuff that is not related to a question.
  17. Lndwarrior

    What is the most fun "Aviation tool/gear" you've purchased?

    Seems like a strange question. Everything I've purchased for my homebuilt is primarily safety related. Recently added a G5, I like it a lot. It's simplified some aspects of my traditional panel. Bought a collapsible scooter that's fits in the plane that has come in very handy. I think I have...
  18. Lndwarrior

    Why has Vashon sold so few Rangers, and will MOSAIC turn that around?

    Pilots don't trust new aircraft.
  19. Lndwarrior

    Lancair Makes a Emergency Landing on US1

    Not many scenarios where a Lancair is going to make an off field landing safely. (high landing speed, tiny gear). Clearly some luck was on their side.