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    KWVI Watsonville MId Air, Multiple Fatalities

    Based on the info in this thread, this is my takeaway of the twin's intent: (speeds estimated since I don't recall the exact numbers quoted): Instead of slowing to normal pattern speed (120 KIAS?) and doing a normal pattern (enter on the downwind, configure, base, final, etc), the twin driver...
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    KWVI Watsonville MId Air, Multiple Fatalities

    Assumed this was the twin driver's crafty trick to quickly get down on the ground when the pattern was busy. Works every time, right up until it doesn't.
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    KWVI Watsonville MId Air, Multiple Fatalities

    I believe there was some previous history of the twin pilot sometimes coming in hot and doing an overhead break.
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    Has anyone ever volunteered at Airventure?

    What vol job are you doing?
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    Has anyone ever volunteered at Airventure?

    @Lowflynjack ?
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    Which light planes are best for....

    Fully understand the situation with your boss, although my experience has been that those kinds of situations are often self-remedying. Either the boss retires, keels over from a stroke, or otherwise moves on and someone with more normal travel expectations takes his or her place. Or, the...
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    Vans Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

    The lack of QA and basic incoming inspection on the work they were getting from suppliers. I get that it's an Experimental aircraft, and you're never going to have the traceability and QA of certified parts. But it sure seems like Van's wasn't taking any look at all at what they were getting...
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    Vans Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

    Any concerns about running out of edge distance if you start drilling out a bunch of holes? Subjectively, from the pics I've seen, some of laser cut holes are pretty ugly, and would seem to require a significant oversize.
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    Van’s Aircraft Facing Challenges

    I'd tend to agree, but I'm not privy to all the details, just what I've read here and on other forums. For example, for all of the "Laser Cut Parts," I keep seeing people refer to these as Red / Yellow / Green / Blue. It sounds like Van's has categorized the laser cut parts into different...
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    Van’s Aircraft Facing Challenges

    Curious as to the background of Vans outsourcing to the Philippines. It sounded like Van's shipped components there which were built up into kits, which were then shipped back to Vans. I get that sourcing things overseas is a fact of life for many American companies, but it just seems like a...
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    Van’s Aircraft Facing Challenges

    Saw the story on Vans in my news feed this morning, and went down the rabbit hole on this thread on the Vans Air Force forum. I've gotten a grand total of 1 hours in a friend's RV-4 ~25 years ago. I totally understand what "The RV Grin" is all about. Hate to see anything bad happen to Vans...
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    PC 12 Down off of NC Coast

    I knew a guy who was a chronic user of painkillers. Had endured some kind of industrial accident in his past. After talking to him for 2 minutes you'd start to wonder WTF was wrong with him. It was always odd - didn't seem like he was drunk. Or on coke, meth, or any kind of stimulant. He...
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    Zoom Hearing City of Miami for Redlight Camera

    Here in the great city of Chicago, I just pay them. Between the wife and I, I think we've gotten one every 24 months or so. Given that it's a camera ticket (and not a ticket from a cop), it doesn't count against license points (and I don't believe it counts against insurance, either). It's...
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    KWVI Watsonville MId Air, Multiple Fatalities

    Yeah, waaaay back in this thread, I recall there was some detailed info about how the twin driver was known for pulling these kinds of shenanigans at this airport. Bombing into the pattern at max-blast on a straight-in, and then doing a quick turn to final if he wasn't able to get in on his...
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    KWVI Watsonville MId Air, Multiple Fatalities

    The best conjecture I heard was that the twin was planning to do some kind of overhead break to get down on the ground quicker. That's why he was approaching at Mach Jesus, compared to the rest of the pattern.
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    City of Portage trying to close AIrport C47

    Taking a quick look at the satellite view, it does look like the Portage airport is one of those places that was once "out in the country," and the city expanded around it. Seems to be a mix of residential and light industry. Not sure I grasped all the nuances of a potential "new" airport...
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    Selling Attitude

    I think Will Kumley's response covers a large part of the issue. Owners of GA aircraft tend to be older, often retired, and with a lot of time on their hands. To add, their bills are small, so they are in no hurry to sell. Don't need the money, a lot of time available, plus the general...
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    If you had 3 months to travel in your plane, where would you go?

    On the Vans Air Force page, there is a section for Trip Write ups. Very possible to lose endless hours going through people's threads. I don't recall the details, but several years ago, someone here on POA linked a post over there about a guy who I think was doing a trip circumnavigating the...
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    Bike ride to Fisk

    Thanks for posting that picture of Fisk. Anyone else amazed that, with all of the sequencing and controlling that Fisk does, it looks like just a handful of people with a radio and binoculars? Guess I was envisioning something a bit...more complex?