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  1. manac

    Leasing time in aircraft to a non-pilot

    Done all the time. Passenger hires a pilot and then a plane from someone else and off they go. Plane and pilot separate payments and both are commercial operations.
  2. manac

    April fools jokes to do on flight instructor

    My CFII and I have this clever but devastating game going. I’m using their account for a course and keep getting asked one of their secret questions. Monday I text saying sorry to bother you yet again, but what’s the answer to, What year did you abandon your dreams?
  3. manac

    Tailbeacon without pitot static check

    uAvionix support clarified the issue. My question to uAvionix: My plane’s transponder is out of its 24 month check. I am not flying in any airspace that requires a transponder or adsb. Per the regulations I can’t turn the transponder on (91.413). Also per the regulations I have to turn on the...
  4. manac

    Tailbeacon without pitot static check

    91.215 transponder only required A, B, C, airspace, and in mode C vail. 91.413 may not use transponder unless within proceeding 24 months has been tested and inspected bla bla bla. ADSB 91.225 where required much like a mode C transponder plus over 10,000 ft. 91.225 f “must operate the...
  5. manac

    Tailbeacon without pitot static check

    Plane is overdue for pitot static check. Leave transponder off, stay out of the mode C vail etc. Turn Tailbeacon on but it won’t work without transponder. Legal to fly anywhere a transponder/ADSB is NOT required. Or turn off Tailbeacon and placard inop. Going to go make popcorn now.
  6. manac

    Cessna Generator Troubleshooting

    The Zeftronics generator regulator is PMA for the Cessna generators. They are great. As Ron said they have a very good troubleshooting guide.
  7. manac

    What's the deal with CFII's that don't want to fly IMC?

    If you aren’t flying actual you’re not learning the transitions. Nothing like breaking out 50’ above mins or going IMC at 100’. It’s a lot easier and safer with a CFII in the right seat. My CFII has no problem giving me the experience's I need.
  8. manac

    Any regrets moving up to better plane

    Someone once told me the delta should be 50 mph or more if speed is an issue. That was easy moving up from the 120.
  9. manac

    C-140 Two Fatal 4/18/21

    Plane had a AI and DG as well as a T&B. Not poorly equipped if everything was working. Not mentioned in the report, the instrument lights working would help. The report doesn’t mention the last pitot static check and whether or not it was vfr/ifr. The report mentions the specific 2198 rpm the...
  10. manac

    Tire balance and runout tolerances

    Both What’s to say something is good or bad without some sort of limit? Cessna service manual says to “static balance the tire wheel assembly”. Without some sort of specification what’s to prevent me from putting the assembly on the machine and taking it off and calling it balanced? Yes I...
  11. manac

    Tire balance and runout tolerances

    Anyone have a source for tolerances? Used ISO 1940 G40 for balancing. It comes out to a little less than an oz in for an 11lb tire wheel assembly @ 120 MPH. Can’t find any spec for runout.
  12. manac

    Why do they say "Anyone can learn how to fly"?

    Anyone can learn to fly with a good instructor, unfortunately they are few and far between.
  13. manac

    Cessna 182P - Pponk my O-470 or IO550?

    Are you unhappy with the 470? If you give up the 470 you give up the Mogas option. I flew a 520 powered 182 in FL, and it was like why? Ya it gets off the ground quicker and climbs faster but isn’t really much faster. Might be more useful for you in San Diego.
  14. manac

    Ugly plane good engine or good looking plane that needs overhaul?

    What does it matter if your going to put the money in either plane? I‘d go with which would take less time to get nice.
  15. manac

    Maintenance Hanger With Runway Access Limitations

    Should probably be valued as a generic commercial building that has no access to the airport. Buyers would be few and far between that could deal with that sort of access.
  16. manac

    Flying with a Dog!

    Grace during and after a 4.2 hour trip from NC to CT. First few flights Liz flew in the back with her. She is very easy in a car too.
  17. manac

    Need recommendation for good GA airport near Greensboro NC

    I fly down to KBUY when I visit family in McLeansville. Skysouth is nice but pricy. KBUY is a good well maintained airport.
  18. manac

    IFR Cessna 140/120

    My 120 was certified with a single nav/com. Probably for the marine layer out in CA. I‘m working on my IFR now and thinking about putting in a IFR gps/com for the fun of it.
  19. manac

    Garmin 430W set OBS course in the 430.

    THANKS! CDI VLOC mode Select a VOR (in my case) Direct, Ent, Ent. OBS Button, pulls up the unicorn OBS page Small knob to change OBS Enter for new course. Why would I need to use the 430W w/o a CDI? I'm running two GI275's, in reversionary mode the HSI switches to the ADI and most NAV...
  20. manac

    Garmin 430W set OBS course in the 430.

    Right, I’m looking for the OBS page. I have not been able to find it.