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    Cheapest Twin on EBay Down

    Based on findings discussed on page 3, looks like another ~20 sec and the left carb would have filled up with debris and water and failed that engine as well.
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    Cheapest Twin on EBay Down

    Preliminary is out and it is ugly for everyone involved.
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    Cheapest Twin on EBay Down

    The plane was ferried from MI to PA around Dec. 15th of 2023.
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    Garmin will continue to support GNS-4XX/5XX for years to come

    Some of the 430 parts have been unavailable for some time now . . .
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    What were YOU doing at 14 y/o?

    In 2019 a 14 y/o named H. Scott flew an Aerolite103 ~700 miles from VA to OSH. But it was a male named Henry so I guess it wasn't that big a deal.
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    McCauley wheel hub on 76 C172

    Just here to call dibs on the cracked one if it's going in the trash.
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    GTN 750 Arrival Procedure

    What you describe is a pretty common procedure when cleared to join an arrival and are already inside fixes on the transitions. In most cases the only "programming" difference is how the unneeded fixes are deleted.
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    Interesting comms

    The country of Alaska has a pile of dirt higher than the lowest usable flight level.
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    Mounting an inclinometer aka slip/skid Ball

    I have 2 of those on my camper. They are not much good to see if the camper is slipping or skidding.
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    Mounting an inclinometer aka slip/skid Ball

    Those are not designed to be used in airplanes. Because they resemble slip/skid instruments, people think they are the same.
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    Possible aircraft purchase with no data plates

    You definitley need permission from the FAA to remove or attach a dataplate. It's in the regs. The rest of that is pretty sketchy. The process could take months or years. Why be a slave to bureaucracies when you could buy another plane and be flying.
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    Possible aircraft purchase with no data plates

    At the end of the day, the manufacturer has to issue a new data plate so what the FAA says has little value. If the manufacturer is out of business, you're SOL. I've been through the process with an owner to have Cessna issue a new dataplate. Never again. They can make it impossible to comply.
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    Possible aircraft purchase with no data plates

    not really. Nobody in the FAA is qualified to do forensics on a number stamp anyway. The point is it can be faked. Data plates can be faked as well. The FAA mentions it in an AC.
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    How do I get an FCC Radio Operators permit?

    Submit FCC Form 605 through electronic filing in ULS. There is no proof of passing certificate requirement for an RR. Per Public Notice DA 15-72, the FCC no longer mails license authorizations. If you provide an email address on your application, a link to print your official copy of your...
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    Possible aircraft purchase with no data plates

    anybody can stamp a number on a steel tube.
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    Possible aircraft purchase with no data plates

    Some FSDO's require data plates to be surrendered when an aircraft is scrapped.
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    Unequal fuel draw

    That's because it's not a venting problem, never has been. The position of the vent tube specified in the service manual is to minimize ice accumulation.
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    Updated FAA Medical Processes / Repost from Reddit

    I say just have them drink 2 cups of coffee then turn 'em loose.