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    Sales Tax Question

    Write an agreeable contract that both of you agree to. have a pre buy done where ever you two agree on. Final point is contingent on delivery and your acceptance in MA. All in contract, everybody safe as escrow company is gate keeper of money and acts in compliance with contract.
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    PIREP on Para-Port hangar doors?

    We have them at our airport, actually work really well. They are old and canvas has been replaced x times. Issue for us is electric motors thst raise and lower them, parts no longer available. I would assume vendor has newer solution for lift mechanism?
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    Different headings on different instruments

    check this on the ground using a runway or taxiway with a known magnetic direction. during taxi Hdg and Trk should be real close. This should give you a good starting point to debug the situation.
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    Aging Engines and Power Output

    Airspeed indicator accurrate?
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    Med Express Sumbitches Timed Me Out

    Sunday, system down for maintenance?
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    Piper Arrow at tie down with dead to charge?

    Either tow it somewhere to get power to charger, or remove battery and charge it.
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    Flying into Sacramento to pick up a commercial passenger

    Call the fbo and ask the procedure
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    Magnus Fusion UL

    Go sit in a RV12
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    WiFi Printer Win 10

    I,ve had that problem too. Never really fixed it because it keeps coming back. Try deleting the printer and re-installing.
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    Mesa AZ Hangar Space

    Nope, check their wait list.
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    Should I NOT buy a Cessna 162 Skycatcher?

    There arent that many made, so orphaned becomes a bigger issue.
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    Getting an airplane back in service after years in a hangar.

    I,d probably put new tires and tubes on it also.
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    Flying light sport airplane outside sport rules?

    All limitations for the aircraft will be in the POH.
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    Building a private strip in Mexico

    Look up Baja Bush pilots and ask them
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    Is there a light sport plane that is IFR capable?

    The majority of LSA that can be flown ifr are either experimental or certificated airplanes - these must be equipped appropriately per FAR 91.205. Many LSA have operating restrictions that limit them to VFR. So your answer-is it depends.
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    OAT requirement?

    Not sure about that, read the Aspen STC first.
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    BasicMed Early Renewal

    I renew mine every year at my annual physical. FAA site says it works
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    Washington State CFI?

    Me, what do you need
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    G100UL unleaded avgas approved

    Doesnt an STC require a 337?
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    Mesa AZ Hangar Space

    Plenty of shade hanger space at KDVT