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  1. jkgoblue

    Can anyone identify this plane?

    Custer Channel Wing There's one at the Mid Atlantic Air Museum. Maybe that picture is from there.
  2. jkgoblue

    April solar eclipse

    Would love to fly up state to view the eclipse. Looking at these airports in NY. Anyone have any comments or suggestions of any of them? Dansville DSV Geneseo D52 Canandaigua IUD Perry-Warsaw 01G Le Roy 5G0 Seems all will have a good view of the total.
  3. jkgoblue

    Starship successfully launches.....

    I'm sorry but that guys voice is annoying.... A far cry from Jack King
  4. jkgoblue

    Richard McSpadden Crash

    What??. Land his P-51 in a parking lot?
  5. jkgoblue

    Strangely mesmerizing footage of Ukrainian SU25s flying below radar

    I hope they hit something. They'd have to be pretty good shooting unguided missiles in the air like that..
  6. jkgoblue

    Something going on around DC

    So at what point did this plane lose radio contact with ATC? Does anyone have any ATC recordings with the plane before it went silent? I mean did they lose contact before it got to Islip? If so, don't you think it would have generated some concern way before it got over DC? I'm not following...
  7. jkgoblue

    Tires: how old is too old?

    So here this guy with a Sling High Wing who blew a tire in the middle of no where. He didn't know he had a tubeless tire so he couldn't fix it. Claims if it wasn't tubeless he could have repaired it and be on his way since all he had was a repair kit for a tub tire. Not sure how he repaired the...
  8. jkgoblue

    Turbulence results in Pax death No turbulence. Not exactly the best performance from this crew to begin with, taking off with the pitot tube cover on, and turning off the trim...
  9. jkgoblue

    Piper down in Lindenhurst NY

    Can’t confirm but heard mother and daughter on a discovery flight. Mother did not make it. RIP
  10. jkgoblue

    What became of Diamond aircraft?

    Just happen to come across this..
  11. jkgoblue

    ChatGPT it definitely needs some work....
  12. jkgoblue

    Engineer Ted's How to Make Your Engine Last (while running)

    What about oil temperature? Any insight into the best temperature to run at? Hard to get mine above 170 on cold days.
  13. jkgoblue

    Your Dumbest Benign Moment

    Silly but I forgot to put on the ground wire while filling up. Only realized my mistake when I was done.‍. :ohsnap: Looked around and made sure no one saw me and got out of there wondering why that happened.
  14. jkgoblue

    N9306Y down Houston, TX area 22-Jan-23

    Looks like there was grass adjacent the road from the video but don’t know how long it is. Landing on the highway has some risk but glad the pilot made it down safely.
  15. jkgoblue

    Better to arrive alive

    I was told by a wise pilot that having your own plane is great as long as you’re not in any rush to get to where you are going.
  16. jkgoblue

    Radial engine ownership

    What's the issue with the Waco YMF-5? Looks like a cool bird...
  17. jkgoblue

    Beech sierra down KEEN

    Everything says a Beech Sierra but if you look at Flightaware, that plane hasn't flown in a while but their Piper Cherokee N43337 was right over the accident site at the time of the crash. Perhaps NTSB has the wrong tail number?
  18. jkgoblue

    Paul Harrop

    Is Paul Harrop of AOPA now Sierra Harrop or is that a ...... relative?? Just wondering because I couldn't find any mention of it anywhere...
  19. jkgoblue

    Landed on closed runway

    Am I missing something here but if the runway was closed shouldn’t the X’s be on the runway? The X’s being on the grass near the runway might be there for when they plan on closing the runway. Since it wasn’t NOTAMed closed and there are no exes on the runway, was it really closed?
  20. jkgoblue

    How High Do You Get?

    Whoa, dead stick from over 10,000 to Sky Acres! That’s pretty impressive.. that’s not an easy runway to hit.