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    Turn, Climb or 360?

    Asking a pilot to advise of altitude changes does a couple of things. First, a revised altitude should be entered into the computer to ensure proper flight plan processing. It may make a difference as to the airspace you are flying through, and by extension, the next controller you will talk to...
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    Icing is a b****

    I always taught my trainees that they were to treat a piston single in ice as an emergency. Give them anything they want (accounting for terrain) so the aircraft can (hopefully) get out of the ice ASAP.
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    Cleared to a fix…now what?

    The controller left out any connection to the previously cleared route. You should clarify by asking what to do next. Most likely the controller will tell you to expect a particular approach.
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    Cleared to a fix…now what?

    Was LIGMA on your previously cleared route?
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    1963 ATC explained

    As far as the control structure is concerned (tower, approach control, enroute center, approach control, tower) and a few of the clearances, it's about the same. Everything else is vastly different. Automated radar data processing (radar scopes with data blocks) and flight data processing...
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    ASRS Question

    If you contact the facility reference a concern about the air traffic services provided, the facility is required to log it as a Mandatory Occurrence Report and investigate what happened. I think I only had to look into one ASRS reported incident in my career, so calling the facility is...
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    Refused Field Sobriety and was let go after station test

    One study i read several years ago was that 40% of sober people couldn't pass the field sobriety tests. I have never been pulled over for suspected DUI (drinking ANY alcohol before driving is a hard NO) but I decided years ago to politely refuse all field sobriety tests. That's what surprised me...
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    GoPro questions

    I was always curious about what rules (if any) there are about mounting cameras externally. Are they so small that they can be mounted pretty much anywhere?
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    Refused Field Sobriety and was let go after station test

    Just asking to make sure I'm clear. If you refuse field sobriety tests in your state you are automatically arrested for DUI. Is that correct?
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    What the Heck is a Funnel Gunnel?

    They did in fact shoot some of that movie at ZTL.
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    Filing a NASA report

    I have read many posts on this board where a pilot made a mistake (sometimes a very serious mistake) and they have taken the time to write up what happened and why. I assume they wanted the other readers to learn the circumstances about what led up to the mistake being made so that others will...
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    PA-32 down Brentwood, TN

    Sorry if it's a stupid question, but would the presence of rust in the cylinders be something that should be caught during an annual?
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    How often does ATC mis-categorize planes as VFR/IFR?

    There was a DL aircraft that was right in the middle of DL arrival push, only he wasn't landing ATL. This was before we got the destination in the 4th line of the data block. Every controller thought, at least once, that it was an arrival. At least I gave him a PD descent to FL240 instead of...
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    How to Transition from Victor Airway to IAP without a STAR or GPS

    We worked arrivals to HSV from the south. If HSV was on a north operation we would clear the aircraft direct DCU HSV and HSV Apch would vector the aircraft to final. A south operation was cleared via RQZ HSV. Again, HSV Apch would vector the aircraft to final. ATC will take care of all your...
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    Hot Air Balloon at FL530?

    I was going to say that it was part of the Google Loon project but it looks like it was shut down last year. Maybe someone picked up the balloon and ran with it.
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    How often does ATC mis-categorize planes as VFR/IFR?

    In the center environment ERAM will display your altitude for VFR F/F as VFR/075. For IFR it displays your altitude as 080. The only way I can think that it might get mixed up is if someone amended the altitude erroneously to an IFR altitude format and left out the VFR/ portion. Still, you'd...
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    Towers snitching on aborted take-offs?

    I agree that Air Traffic wanted to collect data, but that was to identify occurrences where the services AT provided may need review. If a pilot aborts a takeoff, there may be AT involvement that needs to be assessed/addressed. If not, AT is done with the event. If Flight Standards (a completely...
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    Reselling N-Numbers as a Business

    Have you checked out Ticketmaster's "dynamic pricing?" Supposedly it passes along some of the extra revenue to the artists. It also sends the ticket prices into crazy territory for popular events. Just another reason to love Ticketmaster.
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    HIMS Special Issuance Timeline

    Please feel free to tell me it's none of my business, but is the weekly individual substance abuse counseling from now on or for a finite period of time?
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    NASA/ASRS report consequences

    I'm sorry if it sounds like a sermon! I don't know about the military commanders, but I do know that the FAA (certainly with some exceptions) has migrated from punishment to safety data collection and (possible) retraining. The airlines ASAP program showed the value of getting the mistakes...