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    Dual G5's vs Aspen Evolution E5 vs Dual GI 275

    I just upgraded my old SR22 with a pair of GI-275s and a GTX-345. I did a lot of training several years ago in a plane with G5s and I liked them, but the 275s are bigger, brighter, clearer and more capable. I sprung for the SynVis module and that's sorta cool....but mostly love being able to...
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    Pilot Career Question

    If I was your age I’d do it.
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    Age 75+ Insurance

    There’s old pilots and insured pilots but there’s no old insured pilots. :) sucks. Being 56 I’m not too far from that day. Plan on enjoying the journe.
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    Do you ever feel like the plane isn't there?

    Reminds me of the St Exupery quote “I fly because it frees my mind from the tyranny of petty things”
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    Do you regularly run tanks (aux) dry?

    I don’t run my tanks dry because I fly a Cirrus and I’m afraid one of my passengers will pull the chute. :)
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    I'm officially slow but loving it ...

    One of the most underrated fixed gear singles. I’m surprised more flight schools don’t use them with the spacious cockpit and 2 doors.
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    Finding someone to do maintenance on a Grumman Cheetah/Tiger?

    Tubes. Tubes are the best. :)
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    Finding someone to do maintenance on a Grumman Cheetah/Tiger?

    If you’re in S Ga that’s ideal. The guys at True Flight are great, in fact I’ll be helping my bro drop his Tiger there next week.
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    No clouds - for the love of G_d - - - GO FLYING

    Ugh. Hate that. Like that Cafe though. It’s a nice short hop up from Greenville SC and it’s fun to poke around the museum for a few.
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    No clouds - for the love of G_d - - - GO FLYING

    So hot yesterday in SC my iPad shut down in flight. First time that’s happened to me. and was flying up to Hickory to have lunch at the Cafe on the field and it was closed. Apparently they had the flu.
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    Plane down in Lake Hickory, Hickory NC

    Further review shows the accident happened in the area circled in red. Looks like maybe a power line crosses there too but obscures by the NDB info box.
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    Plane down in Lake Hickory, Hickory NC

    Sectional show power lines crossing at far east side of lake
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    Selling Attitude

    I think alot of planes are on the market just to see if they can get top dollar. I looked at an overpriced mid 70s Bonanza a few months back and came away thinking the seller had no interest in actually selling.
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    Your Dumbest Benign Moment

    Preflight complete, jumped in my plane and mounted adsb receiver, got iPad out, put headset on and plugged it in, went through prestart checklist, fired her up, went thru post start checklist. GPS programmed, radios set up. Ok ready to go Called ground, went through location, direction of...
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    Cirrus for sale abundance

    I ended up with an ‘01 Gen 1 SR22 after trying to find the right Bonanza for almost a year. It’s nice. It’s light and fast. It climbs like a homesick angel. It can carry 1,140 lbs and doesn’t have a funky aft cg problem that limits what you can put in the back. The back seats are reasonably...
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    Anyone else? Avionics nightmare, theft, sabotage

    Just dropped off my plane at the shop today for some avionics work. Thanks…. sorry you had to go through all that. Some people just suck.
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    Can I take my neurocognitive battery before I go to the physical?

    Yeah that’s what happened to me. I’ve been working through issues caused by a casual “family Doc” ADD misdiagnosis and Adderall scrip in my past. On 11/1 got my letter stating they needed Cog Screen, as expected. Earliest appt I could get was 12/22. HIMS AME sent packet to FAA w my results...
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    I’m calling the peak

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    I’m calling the peak

    We are past the aircraft/real estate peak as I’m just now in the process of listing my condo. :)