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  1. Htaylor

    Daily Pic

    Nice. Congrats on passing the checkride. I love Flabob and the cafe there.
  2. Htaylor

    Seeking a 206T CFI to travel to Ohio and back.

    Sounds fun. To Ohio and back from where?
  3. Htaylor

    KCRQ ILS 24

    This makes no sense. If you are Nordo, you need to be predictable to ATC. Hold as published or otherwise instructed and let ATC issue other instructions to non-nordo aircraft to keep you clear. And as Russ pointed out, you'll be penetrating the most violated R areas in SoCal.
  4. Htaylor

    1st Solo ever!!

    Congrats. My first solo was in a glider as well. I may have scared the instructor.
  5. Htaylor

    For Sale Alaska Corporate pilot position

    It's really not as bad as it's made out to be. Especially if you refrain from restaurants. Costco is priced almost the same as L48 stores. Some items perhaps a little more. Gasoline is cheaper than some L48 states. Real estate values are about the same as L48 urban areas. No state sales tax...
  6. Htaylor

    For Sale Alaska Corporate pilot position

    My PC12 spot in Alaska last summer would be $175k on an annualized basis. By choice, I remain seasonal help, but the year round pilots do a bit better on a daily basis plus a good benefit package. Caravan drivers weren't going to do quite as well, but $135k+ was possible and they hire with...
  7. Htaylor

    Rental Car hint/tip/gripe/trick/review/kvetch Thread

    I think there's a song about that. Are you a fine sight to see? If you stand on a corner, maybe you can rent a flatbed Ford. Maybe Glenn Frey needed a rental there too.
  8. Htaylor

    Another IT guy lost to Aviation

    I don't have too many pics of the Pilatus. But after more than 2000 hrs in it, I have a lot FROM the Pilatus. I'm not an IT transplant either. :cool:
  9. Htaylor

    MVFR . . .

    Which class of airspace would you be in flying at 1000' once clear of DPA's Delta? And what are the cloud clearance requirements for that airspace?
  10. Htaylor

    Battery replacement in a GNS430W - Looking for shop to do it

    Can Bradford do it? If not, AEI at F70 is a Garmin dealer.
  11. Htaylor

    Trouble explaining landings

    For the sake of argument, lets say he did. :biggrin:
  12. Htaylor

    Private written sign off

    If a student pilot can show me a couple of practice tests in the 90%+ range from a recognized online source, I'll sign them off for the knowledge test. I usually go over anything that appears to be a weak point as well. It's been my experience that people get 5 to 10 percent lower on the real...
  13. Htaylor

    Operating in Class D without clearance

    Or they really are too busy. I was turned down for a practice approach under VFR into KCRQ not long ago. Too busy. HHR tower is often dealing with law enforcement helos, traffic watch, the Mini Route over LAX and their own landing/departing traffic. Advanced Air pretty much owns the airport...
  14. Htaylor

    Thinking of buying a C150 for time building

    Honestly, IMHO as a CFI and working pilot, getting the needed ratings right now in rentals while shopping for an hour builder would be the thing to do. My son is LEO and we are looking to get him past PPL so he can apply to his departments air unit. He doesn't need to build 600 hrs in a short...
  15. Htaylor

    Tips for flying through the Annular Eclipse

    Much like fireworks.
  16. Htaylor

    DPE availability in unacceptable

    The DPE I use is only booked about 2 weeks out. I sent another POAer to him recently. I think he only waited a week or so. PM me for his name and number.
  17. Htaylor

    Coast-to-Coast Flight Training

    Don't forget there's a daily rate for the CFII as well. When were you hoping to do this?
  18. Htaylor

    **** Cancer

    Sluggo, so sorry for your loss. We should not have to lose our children. I suspect Ben will be there with you on every flight from here on out.
  19. Htaylor

    How often do you fly?

    Currently 5 days/week for work. 2-6 legs per day. 50-70 hours per month.
  20. Htaylor

    Just commented on MOSAIC, have you?

    The Cherokee 140's published stall speed is well below 54 knots.