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  1. crashton

    Flying the Piper Pawnee

    You will love the Pawnee - at our club we set the tail up on milk crates so you can see what a level pitch attitude is. Lots of rudder - the engine sticks way out front. I always got the tail up as soon as possible and you just have to counteract the precession with a bunch of rudder and you...
  2. crashton

    Connecticut flying clubs

    This in is in Hartford. I belonged for close to 20 years. Single 172 w 180hp conversion, in a hangar. Great group of members….
  3. crashton

    Is Mooney Pilot's Association still a thing?

    @PaulS go over to That’s where our community hangs out. I suggest taking advantage of a Pilot Proficiency Program and the MooneySummit. There’s no one “type club” like COPA or ABS but we need one….
  4. crashton

    US customs fees for GA <12,500lbs

    It could be the FBO charging the fee. I just got charged $50 at APF by the FBO, not customs.
  5. crashton

    Talk me out of renewing my AOPA membership

    I am on basic med, I don’t pay user fees, hopefully I will be putting no-lead fuel in my airplane soon, my airport is still open, and I’ve taken a handful of free safety seminars recently. Oh, and I have expanded rights as a pilot thanks to Pilot Bill of Rights. Sounds like the annual dues I...
  6. crashton

    Choosing a "public benefit" flying organization

    I will give you an example - I flew a little girl a few times from Tampa to Miami for treatment. She had a very rare type of cancer that there were only a few specialists who were researching which was generally fatal by age 10. Of course Moffit is in Tampa, not far, but her best hope for...
  7. crashton

    Choosing a "public benefit" flying organization

    @OneCharlieTango sounds like this just isn’t for you. Still, there are a lot of people who see value in doing this and @Jim K i hope you find an Organziation like PALS that you want to work with….again, I’m available if you have any questions and can hook you up with our pilot support team.
  8. crashton

    Choosing a "public benefit" flying organization

    Just watch this video…. also, the majority of pilots are 100% out of pocket and take time from work and other pursuits to help others.
  9. crashton

    Choosing a "public benefit" flying organization

    I am a pilot for PALS Skyhope and they are a great organization ( I am also a board member) - The fuel reimbursement is done via an exemption letter from the FAA so there are no issues with private pilots receiving reimbursement, but there are some requirements that need to be met both in terms...
  10. crashton

    Naples FL hangar space

    You aren’t likely to find anything in-season. The weather is generally perfect then, so leaving it outsides not so bad. I just got on the waitlist and hope I’m still flying when my name finally comes up!
  11. crashton


    Call your local industrial gas shop (like AirGas) and see about leasing two welding oxygen tanks and set up a two cylinder cascade to fill your own. Absolutely the easiest and best way to do it. You’ll use it more often if it’s easy to fill in your hangar too.
  12. crashton

    Oxygen systems

    You can fill them at any industrial gas location - the best way though is to set up a transfilling station in your hangar with a two-cylinder cascade and you will never have to worry about it again. As far as securing it, you can get carrying bags for the cylinders and accessories. Use it...
  13. crashton

    Oxygen tank storage during summer travels

    It’s fine in the airplane. Otherwise installed O2 bottles would have to be removed too! From the ideal gas law, pressure goes up (very) roughly by 10%-15% from 70 deg to 140 deg.
  14. crashton

    CO Alarm Help

    50 ppm is really a big concern. 35 ppm with a jet blast over you would just cause me to taxi out of the blast and open the windows. I assume it went back to 0 on takeoff?
  15. crashton

    Flow valve for O2 cannula

    Our regulators spec operating pressure is just above the max requirement for the O2D2 so it’s likely you will though we haven’t done any testing with it. Scott
  16. crashton

    Flow valve for O2 cannula

    This is what you are probably looking for….
  17. crashton

    Actual lifetime of AL O2 bottles

    We have some systems in stock - PM me and I can tell you what we have...Yes, cylinders are very hard to come by. We are being quote 36 weeks right now on cylinders, but hopefully getting better in the next month or two. Scott
  18. crashton

    Actual lifetime of AL O2 bottles

    The Aluminum cylinders have an unlimited life, but both Kevlar and AL need to be hydrostatically tested before refilling if the last hydro is more than five years prior.
  19. crashton

    SR22 3400# Line Cutters

    Need a set of 3400# SR22 line cutters - will consider Time to Continue.... Thanks Scott
  20. crashton

    Oxygen use and training for such?

    @R4nb Here is a safety seminar I’ve done that should answer your questions….