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    Gold Seal IFR course- anything else needed?

    I honestly never used my E6B/plotter during my training in winter 2020. I did Sporty's ground, then flew with the local school. Only thing extra I'd buy is foggles.
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    Looking for a DPE within a reasonable distance from Northern Virginia

    I did my instrument ride with John Phelps. He's based in the VA northern neck. Can send his info via DM if you need it.
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    Repair KX-155

    Bevan works on them, as well.
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    Terra TMA 340 D

    Switches all the way up are audio routed through the speaker, all the way down through the headphones, in the middle that audio is off. You transmit from whichever is selected on the knob at the right side of the unit. Not sure about the auto.
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    Can you jump a 12V plane battery with a car?

    Haven't used a car, but have a jump box. Our shop keeps one of these for standard/Cessna's: I haven't come across a Cessna plug with jumper cables built on (yet), but have for Piper style.
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    Good source for used parts?

    Wentworth, BAS and Air Salvage of Dallas are some we've used.
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    Garmin Transponder Repair - What Comes Next?

    Not a Garmin dealer, but everything I've sent in has come back with configs reset to factory as part of the overhaul. I'd plan to make note of your settings so you can reset when back. Per 91.413, whenever maintenance is performed on a system, it's supposed to be retested. Takes me about 25...
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    Single GPS antenna

    I have done so, I believe with an AV801 antenna, ESG and Garmin GNS480.
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    Xpdr/static/altim testing....Pitot & ASI??

    Our CRS tests the pitot system for leaks at 75 kts on the test set. We do hook up to the pitot system when testing the static at 1000'. I take the altimeter out of the system when running that up, as the descent checks are conducted at >5000 FPM, then >3000 FPM. Not trying to break a VSI.
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    the "not worthy of it's own thread" thread

    Tecnam has similar in their P-Mentor, has EASA cert and working on FAA. Intended for the 141 mills to get the students/learners used to flipping a gear handle when using a TAA vice complex. May seem silly to some (most?), but likely cheaper to insure for the schools, while developing that...
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    How Should Avionics be Connected for IFR Flight

    You will see as this thread goes along, the "required" equipment becomes very subjective. The FAR, 91.205, says you need a navigation source suitable for the route to be flown and 2-way radio communication. Everything else is dealing with lightning and the instruments. So, at the very basic 1...
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    TKM MX 300 Advice

    Yes, you can remove the ADF, the CDI it drives, the antenna, and all the wiring between them.
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    How long to get a quote?

    If I were installing in your plane, I'd likely go in the tail, aft of the baggage area. Wing would be ideal, but the tail will be much easier to pull the wires to your panel. If you use the GMU11, a small rectangle of aluminum would be a good platform, then attach to the support tubes in the...
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    How long to get a quote?

    Will, if you want to do the install, PM me. I will send you the install manual. Regarding the magnetometer, the G5 install manual has a section you can use your G5 and GMU11 to check for magnetic interference. An easy way to find a magnetically "quiet" area to install. Happy to help another...
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    California Right to Repair and Aviation No Exemption!

    Your first hurdle will be the line in 3(A) where it states: Avidyne and Garmin both don't share repair data, hell Garmin doesn't readily share installation data. This won't open a revolving door of work in-flow to CRS's, simply because they won't be able to acquire current data.
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    KMA24 Audio In with Garmin Aera 760

    You could wire it to the appropriate pins for ADF, DME or marker beacon on you KMA, if one of those is not currently used. I don't have the install manual at home to look up any other inputs. But since it's a radio selector not intercom, I suspect no unswitched inputs. The SPA400 manual...
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    Comm 2 has died. Is it worth replacing?

    Spruce is listing the KX-200 pre-order for ~$4,200, no install cost as it's a slide in replacement for the KX-155/165. Allegedly will ship this year, already approved by the FAA.
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    Good thought on the tower tour. We have a couple towered airports near us that aren't super busy, may be easy to get a tour. I'd have to see where Potomac TRACON is in relation, see if it's worth the drive.
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    Thanks, I'll have him look for that. Not sure he'll catch it all, just getting exposed to the material now, classes start in January.
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    Thanks, I'll pass that link to him.