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  1. AlphaMike

    Customs trouble

    Last year, on a return trip back from the Bahamas I flew from Freeport to KFPR. I called at least 10 times over a 2 hour period and never got ahold of Customs at FPR. The weather was starting to go downhill pretty quickly so I called Miami Customs and explained to them I could not get ahold of...
  2. AlphaMike

    So - how is this done?

    There’s an STC for c182 P and Q model that is nothing more than a pice of paper and it adds 150 lbs to your takeoff weight. It doesn’t require any changes to the aircraft at all.
  3. AlphaMike

    Pellet grill

    We need a BBQ talk!
  4. AlphaMike

    Pellet grill

    Yep. Mad in the USA.
  5. AlphaMike

    Pellet grill

    I was just typing that. Not sure if it’s made in Georgia but for that price I hope it ia!
  6. AlphaMike

    Pellet grill

    You can get charcoal pellets for a pellet grill and they produce about the same flavor. I believe the op is interested in an American made product. But besides that I personally prefer an offset smoker. You can definitely make some good Q on just about anything, but for me nothing beats an...
  7. AlphaMike

    Pellet grill

    Pits & Spits are vary well made! If you want to stick to pellets another option is the Yoder YS640. It’s also very well made, and I believe it has a better controller. Both are made in the USA. I have used both and they are both very good pellet grills. Either one will be a “set it and forget...
  8. AlphaMike

    FAA Tells Pilots To Go Analogue As GNSS ‘Spoofing’ Incidents Increase

    Reading this thread makes me wonder. What if someone spoofs my GPS and blinds me with a laser all at the same time? That would be a bad day.
  9. AlphaMike

    How much wind is too much?

    I feel its very important to push your limits as you learn. You could theoretically get your certificate and never fly in anything more than slight winds. But what happens when the weatherman is wrong? You get to your destination and its a 15kt crosswind? Its all about technique when it comes to...
  10. AlphaMike

    C-182 Alternator Breaker Pops With Pitot Heat On

    That used to be the case but most of the newer ones will read DC. I use a ”cheep” clap on to measure 12 and 24v systems all the time. as stated above the the ”cheep ones “ don’t work great for reading lower current values but definitely work well for something drawing 60amps. Even as low as 5...
  11. AlphaMike

    C-182 Alternator Breaker Pops With Pitot Heat On

    This is a pretty simple thing to check. Just get a cheap clamp on amp meter and see what the draw is on the breaker. If it’s close to 60 when it trips you know something is drawing too much current. If the breaker trips at a lower current, you have a bad breaker.
  12. AlphaMike

    Youtube Pilot and her dad perish in TN

    New Lincolns do have owner's manuals, but they are not printed anymore, they are digital. You can access them from the screen. Pretty much all car manufactures are going that way. It’s nice in some ways. The search function is handy, but I do miss an actual printed copy.
  13. AlphaMike

    the "not worthy of it's own thread" thread

    @Jim K, that was a long flight never getting above 4k. Looks like a lot of turbulence in that area! Glad you made it safely
  14. AlphaMike

    Shortest Cross Country

    MYEB to MYES for lunch last year while in the Bahamas. 5 miles but really beautiful 5 miles.
  15. AlphaMike

    How many hours did you fly in 2023?

    By far less than the last 5 years. But I did fly to the Bahams!
  16. AlphaMike

    the "not worthy of it's own thread" thread

    I had to get my annual bloodwork done the other day. You know the deal, fast all day then go get it done all while your stomach is going nuts! Why don’t these places have taco trucks parked right outside the door? Pretty much everyone walking out is hungry! Seem like a great business idea.
  17. AlphaMike

    An extraordinarily bizarre airspeed mystery that no A&P can solve

    Just one more thing I wanted to mention. I’m sure you already know it but I just wanted to point out that there are some pretty “serious issues “ flying around uncoordinated. Honestly to me I would be more concerned about that than losing 10 knots. Those pictures show a half ball deflection...
  18. AlphaMike

    An extraordinarily bizarre airspeed mystery that no A&P can solve

    Just some troubleshooting advice, free of charge and probably worth exactly that. Quite often, when working on something that doesn’t make sense, start with the obvious other issues. 9 time out of 10 that will lead you to the solution
  19. AlphaMike

    An extraordinarily bizarre airspeed mystery that no A&P can solve

    Well, if you’re flying around in a slip to stay straight and level something is off. Even if this isn’t contributing to your speed loss it’s definitely something you should address. If your rudder trim is at max deflection that’s just another reason to get the rigging looked at.