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    Am I being unreasonable?

    Dump Him!
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    Can IA ground plane for airworthiness outside of annual inspection?

    Again, what facility is this, at least what state is it located in?
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    In a recent FF upgrade areas in green identified as flight information regions appeared, with available frequencies for different sectors contained within said area. Pardon my ignorance, but I have never heard of FIR's before. I called AOPA, and they didn't know what they were either. Thanks
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    Oil filter change interval

    What you are doing is changing most of the oil, but not all when you don't change the filter, which holds about a quart, Why? You could always unscrew the filter and dump the oil, then reinstall the old dirty filter, Penny wise dollar foolish.
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    TKM has closed down

    Seems Bevan Avionics bought the TKM inventory, and will continue to service TKM products, Thank goodness, yea I own a TKM MX170C
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    TurboArrow IV in Sinaloa

    The Turbo Arrow has an automatic gear EXTENSION system, not a retraction system this guy is scary.
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    Ultimate Aircraft Painting

    Anyone here have experience with Ultimate Aircraft Painting located in Ogden Utah? Thanks in advance.
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    Aircraft Painting

    Has anyone here had experience with Matthews Aircraft Painting in Yerrington NV? Thinking of having them paint my plane, but, there are some negative reviews online. Thanks
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    Replace your supply lines

    Install a water cop. It has a solenoid valve at the main supply, and remote RF sensors one can place at any potential leak, dishwasher, icemaker, toilets, etc. when it senses any water it shuts the main off.
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    (PAINTING) Where to get my Cherokee 180 painted?

    Matthews aviation Yerrington, NV probably around 13 K complete strip and paint
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    SI & BasicMed

    Go Basic Med and don't look back.
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    How do you ask for an altitude block?

    WHat are you flying? GO early
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    Piper arrow yoke repair

    I have a crack in my Piper T Arrow yoke, can anybody repair these? Thanks
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    Ok, really...WTF

    I had a fixed gear Cessna 182 on leaseback once...lost my shirt. I was subsidizing other peolple's flying. Try owning an airplane...ain't cheap!! Especially with the FBO taking a huge cut!
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    Cost of SB 1006

    What are you guys seeing cost wise for complying with SB 1006 on a PA 28?
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    My 2nd (3rd? 4th?) childhood....

    Always liked Crusader Rabbit and Ragland T Tiger
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    In desperate need of counseling...

    Maybe seek professional help and pay cash for a few visits?
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    Century Autopilots

    I reached Scott at Century autopilots the other day, he was helpful. My avionics shop that installed my Garmin GTX 345 screwed up my working autocontrol IIIB. It will no longer track the DG, shop said it was the radio coupler, Scott says the signal passes right through the radio coupler and that...
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    How long do "these markets" last?

    With the new secretary of transportation, I think I would wait to see what transpires.
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    Bad drones, bad drones,

    Kind of like the movie "they Live"