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    For Sale Life Preservers

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    importing an airplane from Canada to U.S.

    That is ridiculous. As a “retired” veteran employee of that agency I find it preposterous that they blew you off like that. I’d consider finding a different POE that isn’t under the control of that port office OR calling back and asking the same question during a different shift.
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    Omaha Steaks

    My local beef cattle guy charges $1.55/lb live weight. $200 butcher fee. Go in with 2-4 people. You get about 60% of the live weight. So like 820lbs divided by x. It comes out to like $2.65-2.85/lb for very good meat. One-half of one-half (AKA 1/4 to normal people) will fit in a 7 cu ft freezer.
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    Tipping FBO Staff

    Five bucks to the fueler unless I pump my own. Maybe more if they carry all of my crap into the FBO.
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    [NA] Weird new credit card fraud thing? [/NA]

    Upon delivery, setup a stakeout surveillance op preferably with an ubiquitous white panel van parked nearby. When they roll up to grab the package, you and your neighbors appear with aluminum baseball bats and perform street justice. Drag said bodies into van and drop off on the bad side of...
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    Border Patrol Helicopter Attempts To Disperse Protesters In Minnesota

    Not sure if I’d want to fly that low around angry miscreants that have a license to destroy without repercussion. Do we know yet if the Houston PD helo that crashed last year was shot down?
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    Speaking of illegal charter flights

    Can anyone confirm or deny that the Whitmer flight was aircraft operators “first charter in the history of the company”? The “receipt” was apparently generated only recently after the media picked up this story. This entire travel story is dwarfed by the THOUSANDS of people killed by the...
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    Speaking of illegal charter flights

    Pilots wiggle out of crap all the time. Anytime contraband is found on an aircraft by US Customs the PIC is responsible but rarely charged with any crime or violation as they obviously have no idea of exactly what is in their aircraft. If a police officer pulls a driver over in a rental car, if...
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    Speaking of illegal charter flights

    Note that her trip was not to “see a dying parent” (I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic). That story is completely fabricated by her and her staff and the media spun “chronic condition” with “acute condition”. He’s fine; he actually drove himself up in his Tesla shortly after her visit and...
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    Select Aircraft sales

    Yeah but it’s reality for now. Too many hay fields and not enough tractors and farmers.
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    Select Aircraft sales

    The insane market has overwhelmed salesmen. I have “cash in hand” to buy a fully loaded Polaris UTV. I cannot get a salesman to call me back. I have “cash in hand” to build a new 24x40 garage and I CANNOT get a contractor to call me back OR tell me that they can do the job before winter (this...
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    Military pilots, looking for info for my son

    Is the OP or his wife a Canadian citizen? If so don’t leave out the Canadian Forces. They are absolutely desperate for ANYONE. This includes Aviators. They don’t have an age limit nor really care about height or weight that much (just have to pass the physical assessments).
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    Why the FAA is so tough on alcoholics...

    Operating any equipment in public while under the influence of a mind-altering substance should be prohibited. I think we all agree on that. The problem here is that alcohol related offences are treated more harsh than operating while drowsy/inattentive/high/etc, which cause far more problems...
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    Dan Gruyder At it again TBM Warbird Beaching

    What does Dan Gryden’s incident with the ordinance inspectors have to do with an obviously unsafe aviator group? He’s calling out the knuckleheads.
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    How often have you used a cell phone in the air?

    No but that would be a nice feature; “real world conditions”. I’ve done that before to investigate the actual wx in areas where the field station is reporting nonsense. I just would hope that doesn’t cause someone to fly without backup options.
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    How often have you used a cell phone in the air?

    FaceTime works great at or below 4000 AGL
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    Starlink Beta - Impressive

    You might be able to find a LTE modem device that will inherently allow you to assign the IMEI.
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    Military plane down in Michigan (Upper Peninsula)

    Latest update: the USFS has barred access to the crash site area until the Fall 2021. I’m assuming this is due to extensive cleanup. “Modified Emergency Closure Order Recovery efforts for the F-16 Fighter Jet recovery are paused for the winter. A modified closure remains in place. Remediation...
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    Such luxury!

    I flew Emirates and Qatar in biz too. As I paid for these flights out of my own pocket I feel that Oman was the best value. I never had a chance to visit the all-new Muscat airport which opened just after I left the region. Qatar is in a league of their own; quite over the top. The Doha lounge...
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    Such luxury!

    It’s hard to believe how those things would crash regularly. Some never to be found until decades later...or never. My dad travelled a lot for work back in the 60’s. He dearly misses being able to smoke on the big planes. It’s amazing how they would fly those massive DC-8’s from small city to...