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    Problem maximizing value through influential leadership

    "Our strength is our diversity" - translation... "We're not very good at any one thing." ""We welcome change" - translation ... "We suck as we currently are." "Every stakeholder's voice is essential if we are to ratchet up our laser focus on the paradigms set before us" - translation .."We, the...
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    Is there a non-boring IFR trainer?

    Machado is great in person. So... I bought his book. It is very thorough.... but the humor isn't funny in the book, and it takes up a TON of space. I'm like the original poster... I made it well into chapter 3, then just gave up. Every now and then I go back to it, and there really IS a lot...
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    where to invest a couple million

    There is in NYS now....
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    where to invest a couple million

    I'd invest it in either an acoustic jazz startup record company, or a reality TV show, like "American Idol," except the contestants all have to perform unaccompanied, without any recorded backing tracks, and must play violin, viola, or cello. Or maybe a pork and chicken sushi chain,..
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    First time buyer here.

    If by "asset," you mean financially, you may wish to re-examine that perception.
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    Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

    As a future pilot, he must learn to judge the flare. Makes sense.
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    PIPER Wing Spar AD - Final Ruling

    Sounds like already did you. Enjoys opens bourboning... )
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    PIPER Wing Spar AD - Final Ruling

    Can I come too? I'll even bring the beers...
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    An excellent example of why "smart phones" are crappy for browsing the web. Please never post something like that again. Thank you. Love.... the rest of us.
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    Rapco Vac Pump

    What tools do you all use to make tools you use to make tools with? ... sigh......
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    Identifying the aircraft to follow

    A few years back I was flying into KSYR, vfr, and atc gave me an instruction something like, "turn right downwind 33....following the Cessna.." Fine...easy to do, the other plane was easily in sight....but the Cessna must not have understood whatever instructions given because he turned upwind...
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    Let's build a [Harmon] Rocket

    Enjoy the process! I love the labels on the boxes.. I can almost hear the arguments over how to proceed already.. "Lift!" "No.... PUSH!!" "No, that's not right.. it means LIFT, do NOT push!" "Well, if that's what they meant, they would have written that. THEY changed their in...
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    Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

    Wish I could "like" that thrice. Oh, for the times when wit trumped shocking vulgarity...
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    It is so cold....

    If you're cold, it just means you ain't workin' hard enough. Slackers. Bring it on.... I love bitter cold. Said in jest...except the part about loving bitter cold....and not working hard enough....and being slackers.... ;).... Or not.....
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    [NA] Real-World Iphone Use

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    Help.. wing bolts AD

    There is an inspection port/plate kit available that is an easy installation, allows you to perform the inspection AD easily, and it's very similar to the port/plate installed by the factory to enable inspecting and servicing the bell crank. My A&P showed me the kit today, and we're ordering...
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    Carbon Fiber (CF) to Replace Plastic in Interior

    You're not doing it right..
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    [NA] Real-World Iphone Use

    When my wife and I were pretty much dragged into the land of smart phones (our carrier at the time, Verizon, was about to phase out 3g support and require 4g phones, and our clamshell actual PHONES were 3g...but they worked great and we liked them. Certainly can't allow THAT!...sigh....), we...
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    Thank you Modern Marvels

    Professors ARE Academia Nuts.
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    Worst halftime show of all time?

    @denverpilot Nate... check THIS out. Admittedly, like the link to Moffett's great stuff, there's a lot of studio tools being utilized here, and this music ain't "where I live," (I'm a Bill Evans/Scott LaFaro/Paul Motian kind of guy/player) but this band is insane. Bass player is killin'...