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  1. TheFB

    Any pireps for Merritt island?

    We’ve stayed at the Radisson at least three times. Very easy and clean.
  2. TheFB

    New ultra-white paint for vehicles

    “Our paint does not use any power, but, more importantly, it sends the heat to space. The heat doesn’t stay on the Earth, so that really helps the Earth to cool down and can stop the warming trend.” Wouldn’t this cause, Cosmic Warming…? Sarcasm, I have no serious thoughts on this…
  3. TheFB

    First aviation headset- choice?

    I’ve had the Fargo G2 ANR unit since 2017 ($350ish on Amazon). They are great. Hardly scientific but two friends have had to send back their Bose for repairs in the same timeframe.
  4. TheFB

    Why are Cessna Skymasters not liked? Or are they?

    I’ve always loved the look but never flown one. The push/pull is intriguing. I’ve talked with owners and they “of course” loved them. All said that training makes takeoff knowledge of the rear engine no sweat. They are loud and slow. There is some Riley Rocket upgrade on some that speeds them up a bit.
  5. TheFB

    Does it ever stop?

    I certainly want a faster plane that carries more. My issue is I want to keep my Bonanza as well…. Then I want an RV taildragger... Then I want a Pitts…. But never as an upgrade, keep ‘em all.
  6. TheFB

    What is your insurance doing? Climbing or descending?

    Mine has decreased a super tiny fraction the last two years. I may not be the best target to study as I had a non-fault claim (Tiger destroyed on ground by hail) a few years back. They still ding you for it.
  7. TheFB

    a bit different "what plane should I buy" question

    That’s interesting. I’m not dropping significantly. I’m entering my third year with a retract and VFR only ticket. My premium reduced a tiny bit and I’m paying nearly double that amount annually. I’ve checked around annually with no lower options.
  8. TheFB

    Talk me out of a Columbia 400

    It takes all personalities. If this was me and I could afford it, my title would be, “Please don’t talk me out of…”
  9. TheFB

    a bit different "what plane should I buy" question

    I’ve had adults in the back of a Tiger and it was fine. At 6200’ elevation, I’d agree that 180hp is required not just desired.
  10. TheFB

    Bahamas Fly-Out Roll Call

    I’m interested. Long time goal to go and a group trip sounds better. Treasure Cay or Marsh Harbor sound great too (same island). Bluntly, would anyone be bringing kids? I have a 13 year old son that I doubt we’d leave back.
  11. TheFB

    Lost Motivation and Interest

    This brings back memories. Before I took my first lesson, I owned a handheld radio, pulse oximeter, lap board, headset, foggles, a logbook, sick bags, etc. Some of that was something moving me in the direction but not having the funds just yet to bite the bullet. I rarely buy new stuff now.
  12. TheFB

    Enterprise got my blood pressure up this morning

    Completely the case for me these days as well. I flew into Tampa last week to take my kid to Busch Gardens. After seeing the rates that enterprise/national wanted, we literally used Uber/lift to get everywhere. It was ridiculously expensive to rent.
  13. TheFB

    Enterprise got my blood pressure up this morning

    I’ve rented through Enterprise at Pigeon Forge airport without using the FBO twice. No problems.
  14. TheFB

    Should I let this one go?

    Me too on luck I guess. I almost exclusively use Enterprise or their partner National. Their FBO service has been good as well.
  15. TheFB

    Should I let this one go?

    I’m a magnet for bad experiences with rental cars. In each instance (four times) once I disputed the charge it never came back. Let your CC company do the work.
  16. TheFB

    GA trends in the Caribbean Survey - help appreciated!

    I’m not a moderator but I tested the link with a security check and it was clear. I did the survey. It’s not too invasive. Jamaica, to me, doesn’t hold the prestige of the airports/adventures throughout the islands of the Bahamas.
  17. TheFB

    vfr flight following

    Let them know. My numbers are about the same as yours 90-10. Often they thank me for the information. No data but my guess is the same 10% would be the ones chiding you for not saying your intentions as well…
  18. TheFB


    That restoration and panel looks fantastic. Congrats on the win at Airventure as well.
  19. TheFB

    Sling Aircraft inching their way to Oshkosh, big brass ones.

    Big and brass may be understatements for the first time. Hard NO if I was asked to do that. JP (one of the pilots) seemingly knows no fear.
  20. TheFB

    Yosemite visit

    Thanks for the tips. Looking into several now.