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  1. Mike Blackburn

    O2 saturation at altitude

    i’m sure he is. although the caveat here is that the the functional impairment that occurs is subtle and only present during the time when you’re at altitude. the slopes of those highest peaks are littered with the corpses of those who couldn’t make good decisions. but 100% agree that...
  2. Mike Blackburn

    O2 saturation at altitude

    Live at 5500AMSL. I get tired if I fly above 9500 without oxygen. So I always use it above 9500. It makes a huge difference. I fill up my Mountain high tanks at the local dive shop. Initial investment in equipment was eye watering but I have it now - makes no sense not to use it. What most don’t...
  3. Mike Blackburn

    GPS-175 question

    HI Thinking about a partial upgrade in my experimental. Currently have an MGL iEFIS with their autopilot. I need a certified Navigator for IF. It would be nice to go full Garmin and put in the G3X but with the cost of all the addon2, connector kits, LRUs, engine monitoring kits it starts to push...
  4. Mike Blackburn

    You guys- I've got a jet

    What an idiot. Sorry. But it seems like he was spotting traffic on his ADS-B and not using his eyes. There were only 3-4 aircraft in the pattern. This is basic airmanship. No excuses for this sort of behaviour. If you don’t like it, go to the closest controlled field
  5. Mike Blackburn

    So you are flying along VFR at...

    So i don’t know about where you fly, but in my neck of the woods, there are a large number of pilots who seem to struggle with altitude maintenance - I’d sidestep a bit - 500’ is fine if it is actually 500’. If its 200 or 250’ then I’m a little twitchy.
  6. Mike Blackburn

    Fixed Leg Options for 3-4 people 135 or more kts

    Remember the Arrow retract has the auto gear extension thing going on which may make insurance less of an issue than say a Mooney.......
  7. Mike Blackburn

    If money was no object, help me create the perfect Cessna 182

    Tanning salons with wings..... ROFL
  8. Mike Blackburn

    Daily Pic

    Those waypoints tho..... Beardsley Lake - and the waypoints - STUBL, RAZRR, OUCHH, NIKKT.... classic
  9. Mike Blackburn

    Certified 4seat Rotax Airplane?

    There is a certified version of the 914 but I’m not sure what aircraft it’s installed into. There is an STC for installation onto a C150 IIRC
  10. Mike Blackburn

    Hollywood Sightseeing Flight Goes Wrong...

    Keep going Eric - lots of folks love your work, I enjoy it - you’re the last person to accuse of clickbaiting and self promotion.
  11. Mike Blackburn

    Daily Pic

    Go on.... you know you want one..... Incredible airplanes......
  12. Mike Blackburn

    What Plane Should I Look For?

    I came here to say this. Definitely surprised hadn’t been mentioned until this point.
  13. Mike Blackburn

    Aerial Photo Shoot: Cessna 182P (Skylane)

    “Oh sh*t! There’s two of them!”
  14. Mike Blackburn

    Relatively low-maintenance airplanes that have decent cross-country performance?

    I’m interested that folks recommend a Lancair to a relatively inexperienced pilot. In my mind they can be quite a handful? Or am I spending too much time reading old wives tales on the internet? I’d recommend a Sling 4 but I suspect out of price range and possibly a bit on the slow side...
  15. Mike Blackburn

    Air Wagner..... He’s baaaaackk.

    Ah. Didn’t realise it was that quiet a field. At my field you’d get a bollocking from tower if you did that.
  16. Mike Blackburn

    Air Wagner..... He’s baaaaackk.

    I like the bit where he does his run up and checks on the taxiway “to not clog up the guy in the run up bay” where there is loads of space. Sure someone rolling up in a turbine or jet will appreciate the blocked taxiway
  17. Mike Blackburn

    the "not worthy of it's own thread" thread

    Went flying today. There was some IMC. But it was 35miles from where I was. had a sandwich.
  18. Mike Blackburn

    What's the benefit of the 912iS over the 912ULS?

    I fly a 914ULS. The carbs aren’t a problem unless you are sloppy with your shutdown and try and start the engine hot. As long as you run the carbs mostly dry before shutdown you’re ok. Otherwise I find it tends to flood when starting warm. then again there is no injected 914....
  19. Mike Blackburn


    Half the problem is that we don’t speak clearly on initial and subsequent contact. If we were clear from the get-go we’d have fewer “say agains” Which is really what this thread is all about. Minimising radio traffic