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  1. Doggtyred

    Grumman Tiger on med length grass fields?

    I've been out of the left seat for over a decade, but back then I had amassed about 100hrs in rental Grummans AA5's.. It did just fine on short, and on turf. Put in some flaps, full throttle, and lift off with the stall horn blaring felt like it was climbing like a homesick angel. Felt like we...
  2. Doggtyred

    Why do experimental planes park like this?

    Or walk up underneath the last surviving one... It was still leaking hydraulic fluid last time I took the tour.
  3. Doggtyred

    Deltahawk - a modern GA engine

    Ive been watching Deltahawk since 2002 or so... maybe one year they will actually sell some working engines...
  4. Doggtyred

    MRI question.

    Doing the 6 scans (3 without and 3 with gadolinium) the big issue is table time.. Not so much the contrast. They can do the brain, T spine and L spine without, then inject and do the 3 studies all over again for with.. one dose of contrast. Bam. Done. It lasts for a while. Time is the problem...
  5. Doggtyred

    Constant speed prop flattening above 4000 feet

    Any chance there is an air pocket in the oil plumbing involving the governing system... something pushing on a diaphragm somewhere?
  6. Doggtyred

    Secret Life Of The Airport - Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport

    The paper still works when the automation fails..
  7. Doggtyred

    Annual on plane missing logbooks

    The fun part will be documenting AD compliance with every historic AD that is still in effect.
  8. Doggtyred

    BasicMed and Anxiety w/Meds

    Anxiety is not a personality disorder. Being a narcissist or sociopath or being a borderline is. Example of Sociopath? King Joffrey on GOT or Bolton's bastard, Both of those guys were textbook personality disorders.
  9. Doggtyred

    Grumman Tiger, good bad and ugly

    This.. All of this... I have about 75 hours in rental Tigers and Cheetahs.. Almost as fast as an Arrow II on less horsepower, with gear hanging out in the breeze. Great visibility. Flies like a champ. Did several cross countries with a wing leveler. One of the very few certificated/factory built...
  10. Doggtyred


    Yes. Codeine metabolizes in the liver to morphine, which is also an opioid, which is routinely screened for in DOT screens.
  11. Doggtyred

    Wichita Out of 100LL

    The refinery margins are unchanged. The people profiting from your scenario are the crude oil drillers/producers.
  12. Doggtyred

    What is your narrowest runway?

    21XS ... AFD says 24 feet..Felt smaller than that.. and the taxiway was just wide enough to keep the undercarriage out of the mud..
  13. Doggtyred

    Another US Navy ship collision

    And all but one appear at anchor... not underway..
  14. Doggtyred

    Another US Navy ship collision

    The CO, XO and Chief all got the ax earlier in the week.
  15. Doggtyred

    My wife wants me to take her to New Orleans

    Actually, no... its not. A hotel room is a place to sleep.. It needs to be clean, safe, up to date, and close to what I want to do, at a reasonable price. I like what I like, and these places I like give me what I want at the price point I like. And I've stayed in many places. Including yours...
  16. Doggtyred

    My wife wants me to take her to New Orleans

    Being a Marriot club member, I know how they could have selected Fairfield... Points.. Membership credit.. I go out of my way to use their chain if they are near where I am going. I've gotten free upgrades and discounts as a result...
  17. Doggtyred

    Another US Navy ship collision

    The Admiral commanding the 7th Fleet was relieved today...
  18. Doggtyred

    Is Texas GA friendly?

    I paid 300 this month for power near Houston... 2500 sq ft... 72-74 degrees inside, peak of 90-100 degrees outside, and with a pool pump that runs 4 hours a day. Biggest factors in my experiene, over multiple houses and multiple years - Age of the AC equipment, quality of the insulation of the...
  19. Doggtyred

    Sleep Apnea and 3rd Class medicals or BasicMed

    Its not "covered" as you put it.. It is NOT specifically EXCLUDED as other disqualifying conditions are. So by being NOT EXCLUDED, you dont have to worry about sleep apnea specifically, only that your endorsing physician is comfortable that you are safe enough to pilot knowing you are treated...
  20. Doggtyred

    My wife wants me to take her to New Orleans

    Lakefront... then uber or cab or whatever. Stay in the French Quarter... I second Acme Oyster House.. both raw and char grilled are yum. Dont let the long line in front turn you off. Its worth it. Drago's has a location in one of the big waterfront hotels... its also worth a stop. A week...