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    SkyVector not showing active TFRs?

    Skyvector is correct. TFR centered in philly was only active from 3-5pm yesterday.
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    Folding E-bicycle.

    Check out the Jupiter bikes. I have two of the Discovery X5"s and really like them. They fold and fit thru the baggage door on a Piper Archer. 40lbs, about 30 miles on a charge with pedal assist and about half that on electric only. Has three levels of pedal assist or a twist grip throttle. I...
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    Question on if the C-177 is a good plane?

    I've been flying our club 177b for over twenty years and have around 500 hrs in it. It's been a great plane, no major problems. We get around 120 kts on 10 gph. Useful load of 550lbs with full fuel, standard 50gal tanks. Does have vent windows on each side that let in plenty of cool air. Landing...
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    Air-to-Air Cardinal RG

    Forgot to close his cowl flaps
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    Cessna 172 violent shimming.

    You might want to check the bolts holding the shimmy dampener. We had bad shimmy in our Cardinal and as I was helping our mechanic rebuild the nose wheel bushings we noticed the two bolts holding the dampener were loose.