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    Problems wit AeroCruze 100 install (lack thereof)

    Hey RTK, I have a Garmin 430W and I have it connected to a TruTrak 100, and 2 AV-30C's. When I go to CHNL1, my TruTrak works, but my AV30C's do not receive a signal. Then when I use CHNL2 with Aviation, NO ALT, my AV30C's work, but my TruTrak 100 does not receive a signal. I've tried multiple...
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    Garmin GTN650 + Bendix King Aerocruze problems

    I have a Garmin 430W coupled with my aerocruze 100. It works fine in GPSS mode, and it is approved to perform coupled GPS approaches but is not approved below 700 feet on approches.