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  1. MickYoumans

    AOPA shuts down comments in videos

    Looks like AOPA needs some time to sort this out. Deservedly so.
  2. MickYoumans

    Tasks for non-pilot pax?

    Encourage them to take pictures. I also explain to them what I’m doing if they are so inclined and have any interest. I will also let them take the yoke and get a feel for the plane once we are all trimmed out and stable.
  3. MickYoumans

    Which audio panel to buy?

    PS Engineering also makes great audio panels. I put their 8000BT in my plane in 2013 and it has been awesome. It’s worth at least comparing to other audio panels on your list. Everything else in my radio stack is Garmin except this… if that tells you anything. At the time this was installed...
  4. MickYoumans

    The way it is

    Yes, I hate to see him go. I met him at Fun-n-Sun one year and enjoyed talking with him.
  5. MickYoumans

    St. Simons Island (KSSI) PIREPS

    It’s the Sea Island Golf Club, which is rather ironic since it’s not on Sea Island. The course on Sea Island is Ocean Forest Club. I flew down there today to meet a friend for lunch then cycle around the island. It was a nice day for it. The attached picture is the Avenue of Oaks leading...
  6. MickYoumans

    Hangar or not to hangar Cessna 150

    I’m not sure what part of the country you live in, but here in the southeast, a plane gets pretty hot sitting out on the tarmac. It is so nice having a hangar to shade the plane. It makes it so much more comfortable when I go out to fly. It is also nice having the shade when cleaning or...
  7. MickYoumans

    Am back!

    LOL. That was in a previous life. Welcome back
  8. MickYoumans

    Lake Michigan - Would you cross it in a single?

    I crossed Lake Michigan on one trip flying into Green Bay to attend AirVenture and again on the way back home. We were over 10,000 feet before starting across. We were in a Bonanza A36 instead of my Cherokee. In my Cherokee I would go up the shoreline by Chicago instead of the Michigan side.
  9. MickYoumans

    Two 172’s damaged by wind in Charleston SC The wind has been 25 mph gusting to 35 all afternoon where I live. I see that two 172’s were damaged by the wind in Charleston. From what I...
  10. MickYoumans


    I would go for option #1 but I would buy a good cover and not just window shades. Even though I have my plane in a T hangar, I also have a Bruce Custom Cover that fits my plane like a glove. It is great to have when I’m away from home overnight, especially for air shows like Oshkosh or Sun N...
  11. MickYoumans

    Cylinder 1 very low temp and running rough- Piper Arrow

    I would definitely get the advice of a good mechanic, but this seems like very good advice to me from this previous post. My experience with airplane maintenance is that when you try to shortcut and save a dollar, you usually have to revisit the problem and wind up spending more money and...
  12. MickYoumans

    Rough Cessna 172 vs. clean Piper Cherokee

    Based on the information you provided, the Cherokee is definitely the better choice. I’m afraid that Cessna would be a maintenance nightmare. Those engine compressions don’t sound good at all in the Cessna. In addition, you can spend a lot on avionics if the radios are old and with one inop...
  13. MickYoumans

    Cherokee in Savannah River

    I really doubt this is the case. I fly a Cherokee and I’m based just a short distance up the Savannah River from where this happened. It has been unseasonably warm here lately. I have a temp prob in my carb that displays on my engine monitor. I haven’t seen anything close to freezing temps...
  14. MickYoumans

    IFR training books?

    I know you specifically requested info on IFR books, but don’t overlook the wealth of knowledge and good IFR videos on YouTube. I really like this channel and it would provide the prep knowledge you are looking for with automated examples.
  15. MickYoumans

    First Flight to Sun N Fun planned

    The arrival procedure is actually pretty easy. The biggest skill you need is being able to manage your speed and landing on the designated spot. Good call to take along another pilot that’s done the arrival. An extra set of eyes is always great to have. Most of all have a great time. I...
  16. MickYoumans

    Outer Banks, NC Flying

    If you are going to be flying with an instructor, you might also consider knocking out your biannual flight review in the process. It might not be time yet for your review, but you can do a reset at any time and kill two birds with one stone with very little extra effort.
  17. MickYoumans

    Aircraft Engine Shops

    When I had my complete engine overhaul, I purchased four new Lycoming cylinder kits and shipped everything to Triad Aviation in Burlington NC. That way everything from the block out was new. Triad inspected all of the remaining internal gears, camshaft and crankshaft for acceptable tolerances...
  18. MickYoumans

    UAvionix AV-30-C in Cherokee

    Nice panel and radio stack. Are you running software version 2.1.2 in your AV-30’s?
  19. MickYoumans

    St. Simons Island (KSSI) PIREPS

    I flew down to KSSI to meet up with some pilot friends today. We ate at ‘Fiddlers’. This was a new restaurant for me. I really liked it and will definitely go back again. The service and food were both good and it had a nice view of the marsh. Just thought I would share the PIREP.
  20. MickYoumans

    Dynon or UAvionix with legacy generator

    Each AV-30 will require a 2 amp fuse. Not sure what the Dynon draws.