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    Do any aircraft have an automated takeoff capability? Why not?

    In a 737? They ought to review their AFM, which has the following limitation: Additionally, when operating in single channel mode on a normal (non-autoland) approach, the 737 autopilot has a Minimum Use Height which varies between 138' AGL to 158' AGL, dependent on the model. Single channel...
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    Getting suction cups to stick better

    Use better suction cups.
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    Piper Arrow flood on the market

    The same thing that stops people from putting Seminole wings on an Arrow to make a Piper Tri-Motor. Time, Money, Talent, and Motivation.
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    If They Can Make a GoPro Waterproof Using a Simple Gasket...

    I have a 5s. I bought it on release day. It still has the original battery.
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    You dodged a bullet right there. I was loaned in for what was supposed a two month detail design effort on one specific part. Somehow I ended up owning the detail (re)design, flight testing, and certification deliverables for the whole affected subsystem... I was stuck there for 2 years.
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    If you took away everything in the world that had to be invented, there'd be nothing left except a lot of people getting rained on. Tom Stoppard - "Enter A Free Man" Graduated as an Aerospace Engineer, but the industry was in the dumper when I was job hunting. Took a couple different contract...
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    Lion air crash - TOMATO FLAMES

    Just curious - MCAS is not mentioned at all in your company FCOM? In the MAX FCOM I have (Rev 6 - August 16 2018), it is listed in the "Abbreviations" section on page 17, but not described otherwise.
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    Cyllinder base oil leak, repair or defer?

    It was an NTSB investigation, not an FAA investigation. They blamed other sloppy workmanship for the failure. The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident to be: The loss of engine power due to the mechanic's inadequate tightening of the crankshaft...
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    Cyllinder base oil leak, repair or defer?

    The original engine oil screen remained installed despite the fact the engine was equipped with an oil filter. The oil screen was removed and it was noted that there was a significant amount of contaminates consistent with metallic material as well as a significant amount of unidentified black...
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    Cessna Landing Light Connector

    That's a Delphi Metripack 280. Here's the mating side with pigtails. You can also buy them unassembled for a cleaner install, assuming you have the correct...
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    Kit Build/Experimental For Less Than $50K

    At that end of the price range the engine (assuming new) will be a large driver in the toal build cost. I’d pick something that can be powered by a VW conversion, which can be had new for $7K. A Sonerai maybe?
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    Plane stuck at a jetway when power lost question

    Yeah, the TSA can always use the probes on the right side.
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    [NA - Dishes - NA]

    Rule in our house is that whenever the dishwasher gets unloaded, first thing that gets loaded is detergent. If the detergent door is closed, the dishes are dirty.
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    What is the general state of GA?

    Concur. Look at the year-on-year growth for RV (the non-winged kind) sales. Fairly consistent double-digit growth over the past 8 years. They sold a half million new RVs last year. Doing the math on the second link, the average RV price is around $40,000. Plenty of them are in the $150,000...
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    Airplanes in airport terminals

    SEATAC has a Voyager replica.
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    Composite Prop Care?

    Don’t hit any vinyl traffic traffic cones. They will win.
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    Nearly half of Americans don't want a self-driving car

    Interesting. I refuse to buy a car that you can put in drive.
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