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  1. Auburn_CFI

    Air France A330 - Missing over Atantic

    I agree and disagree. This was an incredibly complex situation when you factor in the control laws designed by Airbus. That being said, there should have been and there will be training in the future to address this exact issue due to its complex nature. Airbus design is not synonymous with...
  2. Auburn_CFI

    Alabama Disaster Relief Fly-In

    POA Community, I wanted to inform those of you that might be looking for a nice way to spend a Saturday, I have just what you are looking for. In support of the Tornado Relief Efforts in Alabama a fly-in has been organized for Saturday June 4th, 2011 at the Walker County Airport KFJX. A...
  3. Auburn_CFI

    Best Headset Features

    I have had a great experience with LightSpeed. I have been using the Mach 1 with custom ear molds for 5 years. I fly an average of 800-900 hours a year and I have had to send them back twice. Both times I sent the headset back I had it back within a week and their customer service was superb...
  4. Auburn_CFI

    Another fatal accident in Colorado - Carbon Cub at 1CO8

    "You are standing upon a shore....somewhere. A ship before you spreads her white sails and starts for the blue ocean. She is a beautiful and strong ship and you watch her until she hangs like a speck of white cloud just where the sea and sky come down to mingle with each other. Then...
  5. Auburn_CFI

    Universal Studios Florida Fly-in recommendation

    I used to fly in to KORL weekly and I second the praise of Showalter Aviation. Nice family run business.
  6. Auburn_CFI

    My first flight with a new CFII

    Never mind.
  7. Auburn_CFI

    My first flight with a new CFII

    Did you read my post? I said that it is more variable if you are somewhere in cruise. My point about turning back is when you notice the failure immediately after takeoff. I'm out of this one because I have shared my opinion, no problem with us disagreeing.
  8. Auburn_CFI

    My first flight with a new CFII

    It doesn't have anything to do with wussification of the public or fear of the government. I'm not scared of the FAA because I comply with their rules. If you disagree with certain regulations there is a means by which to propose change. Regulatory compliance is not a sign of fear but a sign...
  9. Auburn_CFI

    My first flight with a new CFII
  10. Auburn_CFI

    My first flight with a new CFII

    You are basically professing total disregard for the FAR's publicly. I doubt the FAA reads this web board very often but it seems imprudent to make such statements. What is that old saying about messing with the bull? Oh yeah, you get the horns.
  11. Auburn_CFI

    Insurance costs

    This is more a question of curiosity than anything else, but I have no idea what GA insurance costs are typically. I was hoping to give a few examples and see if you kind pilots could offer some numbers up. Cessna 172, 182, 185. Cessna 180/5 Amphib. Aviat Husky or Piper Super Cub...
  12. Auburn_CFI

    Any POA'ers in Minneapolis Wednesday 2/9?

    You could park on top of the lot at the Humphrey Terminal also known now as Terminal 2. It's pretty damn cold right now so watching from your car might be okay. I think the view up there is good when you can get out of your car but I don't know for sure, I park on the 7th floor not the top...
  13. Auburn_CFI

    So You Want to Be an Airline Pilot (NSFW)

    I've been flying for the "regionals" for 5 years. In those 5 years I averaged just over 30,000 a year. Pretty pathetic. I did change airlines so I had two years or 40% of those 5 years on first year FO pay. I just upgraded and my salary (if you call it that) based on minimum guarantee every...
  14. Auburn_CFI

    Flying Wild Alaska

    Good thing I just deleted all of the videos. Thanks for the information!
  15. Auburn_CFI

    Flying Wild Alaska

    Thanks. I just downloaded the first 3 episodes. Now I have something to watch during my commute tomorrow.
  16. Auburn_CFI

    Jackson Hole Landing

    Gotcha. I just have to believe there was some type of serious systems degradation for whatever reason. I hope I am right! Reserving judgement until final report is released.
  17. Auburn_CFI

    Jackson Hole Landing

    Greg, Do you know if the 757 braking system incorporates Touchdown Protection or something similar? I have only flown Embraer's but both the EMB-145 and ERJ-175 had it. Here is a description from our systems manual: TOUCHDOWN PROTECTION Touchdown protection prevents the airplane from...
  18. Auburn_CFI

    Music in the headset?

    Hey people, it's his money and he wasn't worried about it. Just answer the question about the headset options or don't reply. He didn't ask anyone's opinion on instructor professional standards.
  19. Auburn_CFI

    New TV show Alert..

    Looks awesome! 10 episodes from what I've read. Cole
  20. Auburn_CFI

    N90 is awesome

    I'm just curious because it has been a while since I did initial instrument training but is partial panel holding part of the PTS? I know I could look this up but I am curious where this discussion might lead. I am of the opinion that a system loss as important as gyro's is an emergency...