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    Dealing with a crisis(?) of confidence

    What you are experiencing is what many of us experience. I just past 1000 hrs and still question myself. Every flight for me is a learning experience. Have I had a perfect flight? I do not think so. That being said I do think there is the danger of over thinking things which can lead to...
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    Not to get in a pssing match but after 5 years the vast majority of shunts are very much functional. That being said the shunt of today is very different from the shunt of 50 years ago. Not only are different materials used, the valves are very different as well. As for "let's not remove it"...
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    If she has had the same shunt for 50 years and it has not been revised at all during those 50 years it is quite likely that the shunt is no longer functioning. My first visit would be to a neurosurgeon before seeing an AME to evaluate her for hydrocephalus and evaluation of the shunt. There...
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    Safety Pilot - Central Florida. KGIF, KBOW, KISM

    This is really good advice. As for hood time and practicing approaches etc you can do that on a flight simulator. The time may or may not count depending on the simulator but the muscle memory works. I know the desire to get flight time but flying IFR is more about technique and resource...
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    Avionics shops / independent tech around KGIF

    I am at KPGD. Two shops on site. Sarasota Avionics, and APG. Though lately Sarasota because my long time mechanic joined them a few years ago. Have utilized both and both do good jobs. Not sure of wait times but with season winding down it may not be bad. If you want I can contact my rep...
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    Here is the scoop on hydrocephalus. There are many different types and many different causes. The diagnosis of hydrocephalus is based on imaging studies showing that the fluid filled spaces in the brain(ventricles) are larger than they should be. Without knowing the specifics of her case, any...
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    Help Me Throw Away A Dollar

    Many years ago I received a notice from the IRS that a deduction my CPA took off was within the rules at the time my tax Return was filed but then the IRS decided later on it was not legitimate and so not only did I owe the tax not paid,but also the fines associated with underpaying my taxes...
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    Which one of you forgot to put the gear down?

    None, had a main tire blow on landing once. But then again my planes have fixed gear. One thing less to worry about.
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    An Old Pilots Reflection

    No. Two Friends
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    An Old Pilots Reflection

    Flew to KEYW today from KPGD for a weekend in Keywest and was at a restaurant and saw this posted over the urinal. I know TMI, but it is what it is. Not sure who wrote it. Maybe someone knows. Could not find it previously posted on Pilots Of America, though maybe it was and I missed it. AN...
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    FAA's Beef with ADHD

    Like many diagnosis in medicine ADHD can be very subjective. I grew up in the 60s and 70s and knew many people who grew up with me who would have been diagnosed with a autistic spectrum diagnosis if they grew up later. There was not a recognition of this back then and so nothing was done unless...
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    New case against flight tracking

    Don't disagree, but some random idiot is more likely to stalk her or do harm to her when she is not in her plane than when she is in her plane. She had a stalker at her residence in NYC and took legal action against him. I would think she is safer in her plane than most any place else, even if...
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    Small plane makes successful emergency landing on busy road (KPMP)

    The area around KPMP is fairly crowded and not many areas to do an off site landing. There are a number of airports in the area that are pretty close to each other. My guess is that there was a sudden loss of power and not many choices. The outcome could have been a lot worse. Kudos to everyone.
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    New case against flight tracking

    I am sure others will disagree, but what does it matter if some college student or someone else knows where your plane is at some point in time.
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    Left-handed + left seat + IFR = tangled arms

    If your airplane has autopilot it is your best friend in these situations. Like others have said telling ATC to standby is always a good option. When I fly I typically do not write frequency changes down. When there are changes in my route it is usually prefaced with call when ready to copy...
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    Voluntary (calcium) heart scan - what am I risking?

    Agree with the comment about entrepreneurial medicine, however using whether or not insurance is paying for something as a reason to determine if a medical procedure or medication is useful is fraught with danger. There are a lot of things insurance pays for that are useless and possibly...
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    Coming in hot

    Ahmad, The Cirrus was wrong, you were in the pattern before him and so the Cirrus should have given you right of way. That being said playing chicken in the air can lead to a bad outcome. You felt uncomfortable, and that is what matters. You took evasive action and did what you needed to do...
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    Do "hot spots" work well enough to rely on for an Ipad?

    I was surprised that everyone has seen no difference in speed when using hot spots. My experience has been very different I have a personal cell phone which is Droid based and a work cell phone which is an iPhone. My home internet service which is Comcast is significantly faster than either...
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    How to buy a plane

    The first thing is to know what you want. Not only does that encompass the model, but includes age, avionics, and enhancements. Also don't be penny wise and pound foolish. Speak to others in the know. Be patient. Do not discount damage history. I got really good deals on my two purchases...
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    Discouraging flight last night

    Practice may not make you perfect but will certainly make you better. Also, you can always fly with a CFI for more training and advice. When I first started flying I used to do night flights all the time. In my first 900 hrs I did close to 200 hrs of night flying. Then I sold my plane and...