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    Jimmy’s World YouTube and Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum!

    I’ve been watching the Jimmy’s World YouTube channel and there have been several lately that imply he’s buying planes from the collection. I’ve seen a Lancair and a 310 so far. Anyone know what’s going on there? Is the museum actually selling off its collection? How are they choosing what to get rid of?
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    Most unwelcoming airport - Chicago O'Hare ORD

    I fly out of Madison, and the controllers there are incredibly easy to work with. There’s a lot of flight training that goes on between C29 and KMSN and they always try their best to accommodate. I don’t think you realize just how busy MSN C gets during Oshkosh. Last year the line up extended...
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    Instrument approaches in an arrow

    I did all my IFR training in 172s.
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    Instrument approaches in an arrow

    It’s drilled into instrument students (and good pilots in general) that you want a stabilized approach to land, no large control inputs. I discovered in a 172 that at minimums, the characteristics of the plane are such that at minimums and the runway in site, I could reduce power and add as...
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    Instrument approaches in an arrow

    I’ve been reading several threads on exactly this topic and not getting any answers to the question about : In an Arrow, when and how many more notches of flap do you use to land after ensuring you have the runway in sight? I did all my IFR training in a 172 and had no problem slowing from...