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  1. Daytonabch04

    TFR's for empty stadiums?

    I flew through Chicago last weekend and the stadium TFRs were active..a pilot inquired, ATC didn't know, but came back and said yes they were.
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    I didn’t think they could force you to taxi to the FBO to pay at a public airport. I’ve always done full stop taxi back at larger airports. Guess I’ve been lucky with ATC so far. :cool:
  3. Daytonabch04

    A&P / Avionics in San Antonio TX

    84R. Smithville airport. SWTA is a Mooney Service Center. JD is a straight shooting guy and does both. Wouldn’t go anywhere else in the SA area.
  4. Daytonabch04

    Career Update

    Definitely interested in the CM certification as well. Any tips if you can’t do the in person review?
  5. Daytonabch04

    Looking for A&P in Louisville, KY Area

    Congrats on the new plane. I keep my Mooney down at Elizabethtown (KEKX). Don't venture too much into the Louisville area. I know they have an A&P based here but don't know how much they work on Piper's. Venture down and check out the field.
  6. Daytonabch04

    Insurance rate shocker

    I just got my renewal quote from a different company for this year's insurance...a decrease of $1200. After state taxes, the difference is $950-1000. My renewal from the same company as last year was same increase. Luckily, I shopped it with a different broker and I'll take a $1000...
  7. Daytonabch04

    Review: Budda Belly vs Gojo

    I had the same thing happen with two bottles of PlanePerfect. It was in my plane in the hangar in a carrying case and had product spray/leak out. It was dried up in the bottom of my carrying case. Wasted product and was gone...
  8. Daytonabch04

    Oshkosh - 2019

    I flew in Sunday evening once the airport opened from FLD. I flew the Ripon/Fiske at 2300/135 in my Mooney. For me, I felt it was safer than trying to manage the airspeed and spacing at 1800 with all the other traffic. I probably would have gained on the traffic in a blink as 90 5 miles out is...
  9. Daytonabch04

    Oshkosh - 2019

    So I’ll ask the stupid shut down, run out, put the plywood down then start up taxi on them and shut down again? Or can you just pull the plane on the plywood on the grass? It make it much heavier/harder?
  10. Daytonabch04

    Inspection Tracker Website

    Does anyone have a inspection tracker website or spreadsheet they like to use? Something to track dates/required times for inspections/AD checks/IFR due/ELT, etc...thanks! -Dustin
  11. Daytonabch04

    GNS530 cards

    I just spent $700 on the US nav database for the 430 and 530W. I have the Jeppessen reader which won’t work with the Garmin updater. Had to buy the $70 Garmin one. I have the silver cards so hope I don’t have to upgrade those to the orange ones now. :(
  12. Daytonabch04

    Air-to-Air Piper Clipper

    Beautiful pics as always Jack..
  13. Daytonabch04

    Biggest Bang for the Buck?

    +1 for the Mooney Bravo. Just picked mine up this weekend.
  14. Daytonabch04

    Best Accelerated Multi-Add on for buck?

    US Aircraft Finance...terms up to 20-25 years and under 5% fixed.
  15. Daytonabch04


    I’m here at Ft Hood now and love it here and the area. Just get used to the heat and humidity.
  16. Daytonabch04

    Should I buy a nose wheel or tailwheel airplane?

    Hey now...this is seriously what I am considering :mad:
  17. Daytonabch04

    What do you think? Good deal?

    I thought it was Aviat Husky not Maule and AOPA?
  18. Daytonabch04

    What do you think? Good deal?

    Definitely doesn’t fit my profile...
  19. Daytonabch04

    Should I buy a nose wheel or tailwheel airplane?

    TW...because I want one too.
  20. Daytonabch04

    What do you think? Good deal?

    Should I buy this 152 from AOPA? :eek: