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  1. RingLaserGyroSandwich

    Something going on around DC

    Made my ceiling rumble for a second there.
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    Valuable lesson

    It’s a good story but what is the bottom line for pilots?
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    This should be fine for commercial XC, right?

    Part 141, if applicable.
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    This should be fine for commercial XC, right?

    Unless you are Part 141 which has a slightly different requirement.
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    Did not collide with Aeronca

    Make a YouTube video so a student pilot with 3 hours TT can argue with you then report you to the FAA.
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    Piper Warrior Runway Overrun @ KANP (12/26)

    Pitch from 63 to 79 should have occurred once above all obstacles, so approximately by 200 feet. To realize speed hasn't reached 70 knots at nearly 500 feet makes no sense, unless you are asleep for like 30 seconds. Also, where did 70 knots even come from? Is that written somewhere?
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    Piper Warrior Runway Overrun @ KANP (12/26)

    Does this work? If not, go to Carol simple search here and search for aircraft registration 1867H:
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    Piper Warrior Runway Overrun @ KANP (12/26)

    The NSTB preliminary report came out a couple of days ago. The pilot's statements don't add up to me, as someone who's familiar with the club's checklists, the airplane, and Lee airport. The airplane was apparently recovered from the creek for further investigation. I found a couple of errors...
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    Piper Warrior Runway Overrun @ KANP (12/26)

    I've rented that plane many times. I won't be renting it again.
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    Got a new twin today!

    Us pilots appreciate that twin, but your nutritionist might have a few words to say about leaning.
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    Got a new twin today!

    Hurry up and eat it before the FAA gets involved.
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    can you fulfil your XC time in a sim?

    You can fulfill the cross country time requirements in a simulator so long as all of your solo flying after that is also in a simulator for the rest of your flying career.
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    Pilots of America Operations Fundraiser! (Ended)

    Last time you updated the management council I felt like PoA selected a fine group of individuals so I'll respond in kind. Donated a bit and I'll tow a banner over next SuperBowl which says "PilotsOfAmerica" if I'm not too busy.
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    Non-Direct Flight Following

    I've received conflicting feedback from instructors regarding how big your deviation needs to be from direct before you should tell the controller about your non-direct route. I'm not familiar with your area, but I think I've got the gist of your issue from your post and it sounds like you...
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    Comm Rating

    If the FAA just called them licenses instead of certificates like common sense would dictate, then there would probably be much less confusion about ratings vs certificates/licenses...
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    Like statistics

    There’s nothing wrong with liking statistics.
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    Envoy captain stricken after takeoff and passes

    Sad, but good job by all involved. Anyone can drop dead at any time no matter their age or apparent health. All discussions about regulations and procedures need to start from that assumption.
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    How not to handle a PD

    Yeah, when a pilot makes a mistake, that’s the worst time to drop the professionalism.
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    Total hours vs dual received.

    210/312. What do I win?
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    Latam Airliner in Peru strikes vehicle on runway while taking off

    First time I've seen the firetruck beat the airplane to the scene of the crash.