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  1. neilw2

    1/4 Share- C182Q BVY (Beverly MA)

    Hi All, I have decided to sell my 1/4 share in my 1979 182Q. This is a nice place with a great partnership. Asking $45k. Reasonable operating costs shared among the group, excellent plane availability, and partners are totally just reasaonable, nice guys. See link for full add below...
  2. neilw2

    The day has finally come....

    Well, that took longer than I planned. Due to various delays by the engine overhaul shop and my local shop the 6-8 week engine rebuilt was longer than 6 months. My lack of flying led me to become quite quiet on POA because coming here made me mad because I couldn’t fly! I’m happy to report...
  3. neilw2

    How 'bout dem Red Sox?

    I’ll take it! Amazing season
  4. neilw2

    Winchester, VA

    Hey! If you guys go there go to Aero engines there and tell them to hurry up on my engine :)
  5. neilw2

    Massachusetts POA help?

    I am Massachusetts...send me a message with more info...i maybe able to help find a temporary home
  6. neilw2

    Charity Raffle Flight Questions

    Thanks @midlifeflyer , I was hoping you would respond as you are always so helpful navigating these regs! I see the notification and that shouldn't be a problem. I figure whoever wins the raffle we will set a date then I will send the required notice to the FAA. Seems to be a pretty...
  7. neilw2

    Charity Raffle Flight Questions

    I normally agree with you, just do the flight and don't worry about it, but if I'm advertising something through a raffle I want to make sure I'm good to do it. I've spent a lot $ and time getting my commercial, and don't feel like putting it in jeopardy.
  8. neilw2

    Charity Raffle Flight Questions

    Hey Guys, Quick question for all the regulatory buffs out there who go to sleep reading the FARs :) My 19 year old cousin died in a car accident last year obviously very tragically and unexpectedly. His father has organized a benefit with all proceeds going to his high school's athletic...
  9. neilw2

    182 Performance

    130-135 kts on 15 GPH on my 182q with a o-470u.
  10. neilw2

    172 replacement

    That’s insane, but awesome. Every time I make off out of there I think the trees got just a little bit taller
  11. neilw2

    172 replacement

    Hey man, if you ever are north of the mason Dixon line I’d gladly take you up :)
  12. neilw2

    172 replacement

    Yes, it's! I honestly cant wait to get it back. Hopefully will be posting about it soon and I'll include all costs for those who want to think about how awesome it is once it's time. In the mean time I've gotten a few multi hours so I can't really complain.
  13. neilw2

    172 replacement

    Once my engine overhaul is done (prob about a month) I'd be happy to stop in and take you for a flight in my 182
  14. neilw2

    How to navigate thunderstorms?

    Well that changes everything! If you can depart VFR and there is FL scattered type T-Storms the definitely go! You will learn a lot flying around them if you got somebody next to you who has that experience already.
  15. neilw2

    How to navigate thunderstorms?

    I'm going to put a little more caution here than most people. Based on your thoughts about using ADS-B to keep you out of trouble and the fact you stated you didn't think about @EdFred 's advice about staying BELOW the clouds, and the fact you are a brand new private pilot- if there is risk of...
  16. neilw2

    Too Much YouTube

    my favorite is always: <Cirrus on short final, ATIS reporting 5 kt down the runway winds" "Tower, Cirrus 12345, wind check"
  17. neilw2

    Which iPad for FlyQ EFB?

    I use the newest mini and it runs great. I love flyQ by the way...for the price and functionality you can't beat it.
  18. neilw2

    182 Operating Expenses

    This is pretty close to what we do. For my 79Q that I own with the other guys it's $100/hr + $250/mo. The hourly rate adjusts slightly if there is a large uptick in fuel prices. This is supposed to cover a OH fund however our engine decided it needed a OH before we planned it, so this year is...
  19. neilw2

    Tips for planning a "long" VFR-only XC

    Hmm...I love baseball, musuems, gambeling and eating. This may be a possible fly out desitation in the near future.
  20. neilw2

    Anti-venom flight during 9/11 shutdown

    Yep. Look at what happened in my home town during the Boston Marathon bombing. Literally shut down the city because of those lone creeps. No one questioned the government's authority to declare Marshall law. Scary... And the kicker was once they lifted it and people could actually go...