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  1. TangoWhiskey

    LDJones Gone West

    Tailwinds, Loren!
  2. TangoWhiskey

    #OSH23 Jambalaya/Chili Party Tuesday

    Troy and Teresa will be there with her dad, Larry!
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    30-day VOR check required?

    If you’ve got it on board, why not test it and log it? There’s plenty of time (and VORs in range) to do so in cruise flight. I have that (and “monitor 121.5”) on my cruise checklist for that very reason. Because GPS outages and degradation NEVER happen.
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    Today I learned...

    ...that the drink you might be inclined to have to help calm your nerves after you get home from an aircraft accident might cost you your certificates. That's a "single act generally warranting revocation" of all your certificates. Did you know that? Same if you were the flight attendant on an...
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    Gaston’s Fly-in Oct 4-6, 2019!

    Teresa and I are watching niece and nephew while their parents attend a wedding in NY, so we and Birdie are out.
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    Weather OSH last night?

    Gaston’s POAer is representin’ at OSH.
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    R182 and GFC500 STC (finally)

    Gear speed. I'll look and see if that bug is set correctly! Thanks.
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    R182 and GFC500 STC (finally)

    What Ted said! The G5 is more accurate, I think there's a little lead/lag going on with the mechanical ASI. In steady state flight they are close (within a knot or two). I think I found the spot in the video you're talking about at the very end, while decelerating, and the G5 indicates only 2...
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    R182 and GFC500 STC (finally)

    @denverpilot: on the video stuff, this was a rough and dirty off my phone just to share something tonight... didn't even take time to do a voice-over, just used the textual description before the video link to tell the story. I have splitters and tie-ins to the audio system for my GoPros, and...
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    R182 and GFC500 STC (finally)

    Yes, very last step after FAA approval of the STC this afternoon was removing the experimental placard and putting my standard category certificate back in the plane. And yes, the yaw damper worked perfectly. I enabled it after flaps/gear up, and that ball stayed DEAD CENTER the rest of the...
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    R182 and GFC500 STC (finally)

    I flew Birdie (our TR182) home from Garmin’s Olathe, KS facility today, after they used our airframe to certify the GFC 500. What a rock solid piece of equipment!! Watch this video of my descent into the DFW area. I was cleared to cross FINGR at 6000, then the rest of the SLANT3 arrival...
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    R182 and GFC500 STC (finally)

    In Olathe today for pickup of Birdie. Garmin is wrapping up the paperwork today and doing a final release inspection and cleaning. I’ll fly it home tomorrow (Tuesday July 16) if all goes according to plan. They replaced my old cracking white Cessna POH binder with a new one, too.
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    Want To Buy KNOB for a 696 Garmin GPS

    I’ll sell you one for $25. ;-)
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    YouTube guys

    With wine and crackers?
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    Rough River Kentucky Fly-in 2020 - April 23-26

    It's on our calendar! We'll bring Birdie. Do I need to go look at old event threads to figure out where to book accommodations, etc.?
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    Want To Buy KNOB for a 696 Garmin GPS

    Is the knob split, or lost? Suitable adhesive + small black cable tie tightened around the outside, go fly.
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    My engine swallowed my air filter

    Sell it and buy the 182.
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    R182 and GFC500 STC (finally)

    Just got word that the annual is nearly complete, no major issues found, and they expect to sign it off Monday the 15th. I've called my insurance agent to put the airplane back on my coverage, and have made arrangements to get up to Olathe on Monday afternoon. My wife said I'm levitating...
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    YouTube guys

    SocialBlade is a good site to find some basic metrics on different YT'ers and projected (estimated) earnings. It's NOT 100% accurate. Many of the YT'ers are making much more through merchandise, Patreon, and other monetization methods. One method they recently released (I saw it on a channel...
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    Engine failure in a twin - how soon do you land?

    Wow. 135 people in a King Air? ;)