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  1. pigpenracing

    For Sale Zulu 3 Headset

    Wait till you fly something loud! You will want to throw the Bose in the garbage and have that Zulu 3 back.
  2. pigpenracing

    Camguard degradation rate?

    Just put some slick 50 in it
  3. pigpenracing

    Total Time:10200

    I wouldn't buy it.... But I buy a plane, fly it for a year or two and sell it for more than I paid. I always like having something different, I get bored quick. Trying to sell a 10,000 hour airframe later down the road would be hard. Unless your buying it dirt cheap and selling it dirt cheap...
  4. pigpenracing

    Is Crazed Pilot a Scam?

  5. pigpenracing

    Where is everyone?

    I'm not trying to get anywhere. I like flying for fun, not travel. If I travel I would much rather hop on one of my motorcycles :-)
  6. pigpenracing

    Where is everyone?

    All I can say I am happy I sold the gas guzzling planes when plane prices went high.... I am also happy I own a J-3 Cub :-) Sure is nice cruising around on 4 gallons per hour.
  7. pigpenracing

    Destroying a computer hard drive

    You don't own a torx wrench set? If it was mine I would get a blow torch and burn the **** out of it :) That sounds like fun to me.
  8. pigpenracing

    Prop Strike? Action?

    When I was flying my Pitts S-2C and Model 12 my hangar was on a hill. I would drive the plane up the hill into the hangar, then shut it off and push it in the corner. So I taxi in a hangar. LOL!
  9. pigpenracing

    For Sale 2 IPad Pro 10.5’s WiFi/Cell with GPS

    Both Sold
  10. pigpenracing

    For Sale iPad Pro 10.5 WiFi/Cell (built in gps)

    No longer available
  11. pigpenracing

    Advice on ANR headsets for passengers

    I am done.... No longer selling headsets.
  12. pigpenracing

    Too much of a good thing?

    Known to cause low compression, sticking valves, stuck rings. I have never used it and never will. I have seen engines that run it and the cylinders come off. Marvel Mystery oil is the way to go if you want to use a oil or fuel additive. A buddy just pulled 2 cylinders for low compression and...
  13. pigpenracing

    Too much of a good thing?

    DON'T USE CAMGUARD! It causes more harm than good!
  14. pigpenracing

    Tasks for non-pilot pax?

    Most non pilot passengers don't like to do anything.... If you do ask them to help just give them the yoke and let them fly the plane for awhile.... Nobody wants to remind you to set a DG. LOL!
  15. pigpenracing

    Piper Cub

    I also like the J-3 because you fly it solo from the rear. I like being in the back when I fly a tandem plane. I would feel dumb being in the front seat. I guess because I have time in about 20 different biplanes and you fly them all from the rear seat.
  16. pigpenracing

    Piper Cub

    I have a J-3 and I love it because it is old and has history.... A Legend is just a fake remake. That's like buying a 1963 split window Corvette vs buying a fake Corvette kit car. I like old and authentic. Just my opinion.
  17. pigpenracing

    For Sale Lightspeed Wireless Tango Headsets

    Like new wireless Tango's. 2 GA or 2 Heli versions available. New earseals, muffs and carry cases. $650 each and free shipping. These have been very hard to find! 979-451-3251 call or text
  18. pigpenracing

    Headset question. Lightspeed vs Bose

    The Lightspeeds will handle a loud airplane and the Bose will not. The Lightspeed also has the adjustable mic gain. Bose does not. I have sold and tested headsets for many years in many different planes. The Bose just will not work in the loud aerobatic stuff I flew or anything with wind. The...
  19. pigpenracing

    Inflight phone calls?

    Get the Zulu 3... The Lightspeeds have adjustable mic gain. I keep mine all the way down and works great in open cockpit or flying my Cub with the door and window open. I talk on the phone all the time flying my J-3 and it is clear.