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  1. bjohnson

    Student Fell Out Of Plane
  2. bjohnson

    WTB: Commercial Pilot training material

    I am looking for material to begin training for commercial certificate. Books and DVD's used for commercial knowledge and practical exams. Let me know what you have and what $$ you are asking. Thanks!
  3. bjohnson

    Mooney M20J

    Tony, Send me a PM with your email address and I will send you a spec sheet and some pics of the Mooney I have for sale. Thanks!
  4. bjohnson

    NW flight overflies destination

    FAA Revocation letter
  5. bjohnson

    Why you don't ever add your boss on Facebook (Bad language)

    I bet she won't make that mistake again! lol
  6. bjohnson

    Aviating Probs on my b-day

    I guess Lear wasn't an alternative;)
  7. bjohnson

    Happy Birthday Spike!

    Happy Birthday Sparkles! Cheers!
  8. bjohnson

    Sue's Having Surgery

    Im praying for you guys. May the Lord guide the surgens hands and give Sue a speedy recovery.
  9. bjohnson

    Happy Birthday, Brent!

    My sister asked her friend who is an artist to make an oil painting of my Mooney for my birthday. I just received it and thought I would share it with everyone.
  10. bjohnson

    Sue's Having Surgery

    Thoughts and prayers for Sue and you.
  11. bjohnson

    Happy Birthday, Jesse!

    Happy Birthday Jesse!!:cheers:
  12. bjohnson

    Happy Birthday, Brent!

    Thanks everybody! I spent Saturday on the boat with a bunch of friends and my girlfriend surprised me with birthday cake. We are going out for sushi tonight!
  13. bjohnson

    Happy Birthday, Kent!

    :cheers:Happy Birthday Kent!
  14. bjohnson

    24-hour ops at Gaston's...

    I make a motion for YOU to purchase the kit :D
  15. bjohnson

    [NA] Help me identify this yard control valve

    Very COOL! Conbraco KNOWS customer service!
  16. bjohnson

    pdf plates.....

    I was unaware Airnav has IAPs that can be downloaded in bulk by region
  17. bjohnson

    pdf plates.....

    Has anyone ever come across this site before? It looks pretty cool and is FREE. :thumbsup: Information on their news page indicates they launched the site 6/21/09
  18. bjohnson

    Billy Mays Dead

    Anthony Sullivan?
  19. bjohnson

    [NA] Help me identify this yard control valve

    it looks like an in ground backflow valve to me
  20. bjohnson

    Spotted Cow....

    Next year go snooping around in all the flightline coolers I got lucky cause the Spotted Cow was in my cooler :D