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  1. Pilot Steve

    Anyone Using One of the Cockpit Companion Cockpit Organizer?

    Hi all. I happen to be a forum member and the new manufacturer of the new Cessna Cockpit Organizer. See
  2. Pilot Steve

    Engine Maintenance / reliability (distilled from Busch's Engines)

    CHTs are an interesting subject that made me want to explore more about the books 380F recommendation so I went to the manufacturer, Superior for the definitive word. Here is what I received back. "Never exceed the maximum red-line cylinder head temperature limit of 500F. For maximum service...
  3. Pilot Steve

    What's that doohickey over there?

    I've been a pilot since 1988 and I'm always learning new things as well. Pilot Workshops just put out this new book that is packed full of an unbelievable about of exceptional engine compartment information. I ordered mine.
  4. Pilot Steve

    500 hr Slick inspection

    I've always used Aircraft Magneto but I just recently discovered these guys do it for something like $250. Great service center. Just had my prop balanced there.
  5. Pilot Steve

    Logbook entry for overhauled engine

    I don't know what is required but I do know my logbook entries were extensive following my last overhaul five years ago. And thank goodness they were. The engine logbook entry lists all the serial numbers and identification of all major parts used in the overhaul. Just this year there was an AD...
  6. Pilot Steve

    Intermittent GPS Outage on a Wonderful 430W

    SOLUTION: Sort of, Maybe I replaced the old GPS antenna and my problem went away. I can't say for certain that the antenna was the issue, or maybe a bad connection that was adjusted in the replacement. At least I don't have the issue anymore. For now. Fingers crossed.
  7. Pilot Steve

    A&P near Richmond (KFCI) for prebuy?

    I know a great guy out of Raleigh, NC KRDU that is not that far away. I that might work for you, send me a message.
  8. Pilot Steve

    Foreflight vs FlyQ radar on Map page

    Ironically this article just landed in my inbox. It does a good job of explaining how different solutions present slightly different results. The piece has some good side-by-side pictures as...
  9. Pilot Steve

    AP Brain Trust Challenge: Very Subtle Shudder/Vibration

    I also fly a 182P and I have some irritating sense when something feels different. I recently had an issue with a slowly growing vibration. When this happens, if there is nothing obvious on the outside that could cause it, it tends to be mostly resolved with a prop balance. In fact, I just had...
  10. Pilot Steve

    Cessna 182P fuel tank issue

    I'll join the chorus on the "Flap in the filler" group? I fly a 182P as well and replaced the Monarch caps with regular caps and update the seals. If your leak is coming from near the wing root it sounds a bit like the leak I had from a fuel sender gasket.
  11. Pilot Steve

    Student Pilot fears

    I fly by the motto "There is no sense dying all tensed up." Early in my flying I was cruising along and started thing about how much metal was between me and falling out. WTH! There is actually a direct relationship between stress and fear. As long as you are comfortable that what you are doing...
  12. Pilot Steve

    Possible Instructor Change

    Switch and don't worry about it.
  13. Pilot Steve

    177 vs 182 For cargo

    I fly a highly modified 182 with removable doors and jump seats in the back. If it fits, it flys.
  14. Pilot Steve

    Vernier throttle

    Was thinking of doing this next. Great data. Thanks.
  15. Pilot Steve

    Foreflight vs FlyQ radar on Map page

    One question to address before you can even answer this is if the quality of the information at the same time is different or are you attempting to make a decision based on which has the prettier picture? I'm not throwing shade on your question but I discovered that while different platforms use...
  16. Pilot Steve

    Tire Choices

    I went through this exact decision process as well. Over time I wound up with an emergency replacement here and a tube there. I feel very good about ultimately replacing all the tires and all the tubes with one brand. In my case, I selected Michelin after doing research but I'm sure others would...
  17. Pilot Steve

    Starter question

    I went through a few lightweight starters and had a similar issue as you describe. I put in an Energizer starter and now it starts like a champ. While my intentions were sound to go with the lightweight starter, in the end putting the beast back in was the best thing I did.
  18. Pilot Steve

    Guess as to Origin of Metal Found in Oil Screen

    LOL. I heard that once. So funny.
  19. Pilot Steve

    Guess as to Origin of Metal Found in Oil Screen

    All I see is $$$$. Since you have the piece, a good place to start is the Illustrated parts Catalog (IPC) and look at the internal engine bits to compare the piece. So sorry for your loss.