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    F/A-18 Down near Miramar, Pilot Dead

    USN Super Hornets don't have civilian ILS either. I never "got it", but I have flown one expeditionary Growler that had the civvie box installed (I never figured out how to operate it). All exped Growler squadrons have civilian ILS though, to set the record straight. For USN/USMC Hornet and...
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    VFR into San Diego Montgomery (MYF)

    FWIW, or FYSA, unless it has changed, I recall the NKX SWOLF departure (for flights going west to the W291/NAOPA) being at 2000'. Crosses over UTC/torrey pines area westbound/southwest-bound from Miramar, depending on transition. I think we were normally starting a climb from that altitude by...
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    Suppose I lost my engine within gliding distance to Area 51

    Other than being granted access to fly in the airspace (i.e. "Area 51" or "the box" or "the container" or R-4808N or the giant red box on the moving map) for whatever reason, even as a mil aviator, the general guidance was "if both engines are on fire, you won't go there". Whether or not that is...
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    The end of Reno

    Interesting actually looking at the photo you cued up. What is the history of the field? Those look like alert trees, in a NORAD/SAC/ADC sense. Buddy of mine from the Navy has a dad who was the chief test pilot for 737, who has lots of cool stories about flying there. He retired just prior to...
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    The end of Reno

    Here's another vote for MWH!
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    F104 departing controlled flight

    This will send us off topic, but out of curiosity, is the T-38 OCF procedure (not sure if you use that term in wild blue yonder land) the same as the F-5? Because when the F-5 guys would recite their OCF boldface in mass briefs, it was like a really awkward, never ending, verbal diarrhea that...
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    Any Legal Issue with this scenario?

    The words you are looking for are "panel check". It is a safety of flight related inspection, and can only be successfully accomplished at high speed and low altitude due to the requirements for high speed and low altitude. :)
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    Partial Ejection

    Typical NFO, just on their Own F**king Program, contributing nothing :) J/k This is a pretty crazy story that I've heard various versions of over the years
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    Doomsday Clock

    I think we are quietly closer than we have been for decades, if not ever. But that is based on the assumption that we don't know what Putin will/would do. If he is saner than I imagine, I'll walk back that statement. But if he is dumb enough to resort to nuclear arms, we will likely barely know...
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    Restricted ATP-S?

    Well it appears there is that! :)
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    Military tuition assistance for Private Pilots License?

    First rule of Golden Eagle is that you can't talk about Golden Eagle......duh :)
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    Army Helicopters - 300’AGL, night, residential??

    There is no way I would be able to tell the difference, especially at night, between 300' and 500' AGL (or even 1000'), particularly with a relatively dimly lit pair of helos. Also, turning off anti collision lights is pretty standard for military aircraft in formation at night.
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    I have now flown on every day in the year!

    21 years of flying and I imagine I am not there yet. Specifically the holiday months I'd for sure fall short. This is interesting though, thanks for sharing. I imagine I'd see some very consistent patterns of heavy vs light months, clusters that make no sense out of context, etc.
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    Baggage Handler Killed in Montgomery (Jet Engine)

    ^ someone did get sucked into an A-6 intake once upon a time and lived. But yeah, probably not something to bet your life on.
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    Switch from ground to tower

    SEA really beat this into my head. I'm sure my CA was super pumped on (my) OE when I auto switched to the middle/east runway tower after clearing 34L :) I can say I am now one with their flow for the most part......190 on vector base/dogleg, 170 until FAF, stay up west tower until they barf a...
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    NTSB Comments on Ethiopian 737 MAX investigation

    I used to work at a place where this happened perhaps every 6-8 months. It was exhausting, and in the end, most of us just disregarded whatever initiative was being attempted, and just went about our jobs.
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    Switch from ground to tower

    This was actually something I had to get used to, during the transition from mil flying to 121. In the mil, at least at fighter bases, you are generally told to switch to tower, but conversely, you auto switch to ground when off the active (without tower prompting you) after landing. At pretty...
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    MOA details?

    You wouldn't be the first person to (legally) fly VFR into a MOA. Sometimes it is a pain, sometimes it is absolutely no big deal. Just depends on the airspace and if it is actually being used (and of if so, where the participants actually are). We can share the skies pretty easily, I wouldn't...
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    NTSB Comments on Ethiopian 737 MAX investigation

    I'd liken it to the crew missing a really critical window of opportunity to do the right things in order to recover. Recognition and application of the appropriate procedure were the missing link. Which goes back to training of course. You can blame that on MCAS, but another type of stab runaway...