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  1. sferguson524

    what’s in your arsenal?

    Sigs: P229, SP2022 and P365 Other pistols: Walther PPS M2 ARs: 1 16" adams piston upper on PSA Snek lower 1 10.5" SBR - BCA upper on Spike's snowflake lower 1 beater AR 16" BCA upper on no name lowe Shotguns: 20 Gauge Maverick for my stepson 12 Gauge Mossberg 500 Rimfire: Savage Model...
  2. sferguson524

    Swahili Instruction Manual

    Same here.. Just need them to drop some L3 switches so I can move away from their router on stick topology. And a firewall that will support 1Gbps ingest with IDS/IPS enabled that doesn't cost a mint.
  3. sferguson524

    Swahili Instruction Manual

  4. sferguson524

    First checkout/endorsement lesson on my plane

    Did my long solo x/c from CRQ to BUR in 2001. Was fun mixing it up with the 737s in a 152
  5. sferguson524

    New Co-Pilot

    That is AWESOME!
  6. sferguson524

    New Co-Pilot

    Same here.. Have a picture of me around 3 years old, sitting on the tire of a P40 at CRQ. Grand dad was HUGE into R/C planes..
  7. sferguson524

    New Co-Pilot

    he's a cute little guy.. Mine is almost 5, and is as airplane obsessed as his Daddy is
  8. sferguson524

    Trust ???

    Only trust I have right now is for my NFA firearms. Allows me to pass them down to my kids without them having to pay for a tax stamp.
  9. sferguson524

    Check your on-line credit card statments regularly

    Just had this happen to me.. 630$ on my discover card
  10. sferguson524

    3 year old router question

    Heard that.. Have a LOT of wireless devices (IoT, etc.. As well as some separate networks that I don't want scattered all over the house). For this use case, using in-wall APs and turning the radios way down in the bedrooms seems to be the better fit. Granted, I haven't bought the house yet...
  11. sferguson524

    3 year old router question

    Little late to the party, but I am VERY happy with my unifi gear here. Am running the controller on a raspberry pi i had laying around from a home automation project. it's been rock solid and even the mesh AP i have upstairs works quite consistently. Will likely expand it in the future, and...
  12. sferguson524

    How old are you?

    42.. Or 21 with 21 years of experience
  13. sferguson524

    Giant Spider Sneaks Into Car

    OH F THAT...
  14. sferguson524

    Panel Envy Sux

    Better than the panel in my plane... Oh wait, I don't own one. :(
  15. sferguson524

    Intellicast T/U?

    I'm a pretty big fan of darksky. Use their API for a weather page here at the house.
  16. sferguson524

    Wedding Imminent

    All of this... And I will add, be close to on the same page with your wife with parenting. There may come a day, God forbid, that you're no longer married, and have to co-parent with this person. This makes all the difference in the world, and is something my ex-wife and I struggle with with...
  17. sferguson524

    Wedding Imminent

    I was 37 when I heard my son's heartbeat for the first time. I am generally a pretty stoic person, but yeah, i cried like a baby. And the first time I held him after he was born. You're in for a great ride Overdrive.
  18. sferguson524

    Wedding Imminent

    Oh man, you done did it now. Kiss sleeping goodbye.. In all seriousness, congratulations!