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  1. flight2000

    traffic pattern for turbines: how wide for the downwind?

    I guess you didn't bother reading the rest of the thread where I corrected myself and said it was the FOM and not the OpSpec. Whatever....and no, I will not publish it.
  2. flight2000

    traffic pattern for turbines: how wide for the downwind?

    The airline I just left and it was a bad choice on my part, should have been the Flight Ops Manual (FOM) not the OpSpec....:rolleyes:
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    traffic pattern for turbines: how wide for the downwind?

    Last time I flew a pattern in the CRJ200, it was wide enough to allow a base to final turn that was 15-20 degrees of bank and 160 knots in order to put us on a five mile final. OpSpecs won't allow us to cut the corner any closer or make it any tighter than 5 miles. We have to be fully...
  4. flight2000

    How to solve the US pilot shortage

    Greg, I just left a regional and most are offering 300% credit and yes, Envoy is paying their LCA's more than a 787 CA at this point. That has ruffled more than a few feathers at AA, but that's what they are paying them. My former regional was not that far behind Envoy. It's amazing to see...
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    How to tell you're in a good indoc class

    LOL, we didn't have any DEC's in my class, but a bunch of ex-military certainly kept the class on their toes... ;) I start my second indoc class at the end of September, so we'll see how that one goes (going from 121 to fractional 135). Don't fret the firehose treatment, it'll click pretty...
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    Impending, possible meat shortages

    Hmm, so you're an expert on the entire industry based on one, limited view point. :rolleyes:
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    Thoughts on Beech Debonair? 33model.

    1968 was the first year they badged the 33's as Bonanza's starting with the E33 and E33A models. I loved mine (1968 E33A w/IO520), flew it all over the US. Would still have it except I added a second engine... :rolleyes: Still wish I had the stretched cabin to fit the folding bikes a little...
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    I hate to suggest it, but it might be time to move on to another instructor, if for nothing else than to get another set of eyes and another assessment of where you are. You may be selling yourself short on the skills you've learned and mastered already. You've certainly got the right frame of...
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    I didn't sense he was upset, just asking WTF and wondering if this was normal. We are seeing this a lot, it wasn't meant as a poke, just a data point as I said. Why are we seeing students with high times before solo? It makes no sense to me.... Had a flight school in El Paso tell my son it...
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    I'd be asking WTF too.... flying that much over 6 months should have been pretty easy to get past your solo. Are you changing instructors frequently or is it the same one? I don't know the situation but that just seems high to me. Every situation is different so....hang in there, you'll get...
  11. flight2000

    Oil Change by A&P vs Owner

    That's odd, wonder if there isn't something blocking the port that's slowing it down. My previous IO520 would drain pretty quickly. Might be able to have a mechanic take the quick drain plug out during the next change and see if something isn't blocking the path or if it's just really
  12. flight2000

    Oil Change by A&P vs Owner

    Are you warming the engine oil first by flying or just going to the hangar and draining when its still cold? Warming the oil will allow the oil to flow a lot faster as has been mentioned in this thread already. Personally, I make two to three trips around the pattern and then drain the oil for...
  13. flight2000

    N-Number change - paint cost?

    I went from 12" to 3" numbers back in 2009 when I repainted my 1967 M20E because it fit better with the paint scheme I had done. Carried around a copy of the reg Ron mentioned above because so many people were saying I was wrong and needed to have the 12" numbers to be legal. The so called...
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    First flight from northern VA?

    Okay, I'll take a rain-check then. Not a big deal since it gives me some more time with the family before heading back to D.C. in the morning. Cheers, Brian
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    First flight from northern VA?

    I should be able to make it in the morning. Cheers, Brian
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    What size device do you use for your EFB?

    iPad mini mounted with one of these:
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    150 knots for $50k

    Sounds like you need to get your ride rigged correctly then. :dunno: My former '67 M20E would do 156 KTAS easily at 2500 RPM all day, every day. Smooth as silk and it loved running LOP. Flew that plane for 350+ hours before moving on to bigger options. Only mods I had on mine was a 201...
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    Just finished a trip to Fort Lauderdale from Richmond on JetBlue. Scarebus going and E190 coming back. Both were nice enough, but went with them because it was a direct flight both ways. I'd fly with them again if the opportunity comes up. Not sure when the last time you flew out of there...
  19. flight2000

    My Excel spreadsheets are upside down need help.

    I simply updated Office for Mac (not to the cloud version) and my spreadsheets no longer flip upside down when I open them. Whatever Apple did during their recent upgrades really messed with MS Office. No issues since I did the updates. My current version of Excel is 16.16.16 (191111). Open...
  20. flight2000

    Bad news

    Looks like maybe three years left before they're gone according to this article. Believe American got rid of their last one earlier this year. Brian