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  1. Bacho

    Trevor Jacob Crash and Burn

    Waste of our money IMO. Fine him, pull his cert, and ban him from social media. The world will be a better place. Now he is just using it for more attention…
  2. Bacho

    Plano, Texas crash.

    One of my in-laws used to say they were too old to buy green bananas!
  3. Bacho

    At A Cross Roads

    Purely for resale value, I do not believe you can justify a factory reman. As a mechanic/buyer after a few years or a couple hundred hours in the difference would be zero to me.
  4. Bacho

    PA28 down near Gainesville, FL

    For my part, I found flying behind the Foggles pretty easy. I remember coming up with the first impression that IMC flying wouldn’t be tough. Luckily, I reflected on that thought pretty quickly, that really scared me. Maybe this pilot had similar thoughts?
  5. Bacho

    Owner produced parts - composite or 3D printing - contacts?

    My primary concern is not the material. The filament directions you’d have to use would be nearly in the same direction as the existing crack. IMO that’s 100% guaranteed to crack again immediately. 3-D printing a mold would be a better use of the machine. But outside of doing that for fun you...
  6. Bacho

    Seamax m22 Crash East Hampton NY

    That looks like one application I would like something other than a ny-lock.
  7. Bacho

    Owner produced parts - composite or 3D printing - contacts?

    Meglin in the classifieds might be able to help. I have a 3d printer and could likely make that. I am thinking that's probably not the best solution for this application.
  8. Bacho

    Horizon Jumpseater goes crazy

    Never worked the E175, but we pull fire handles in MX for certain checks on a variety of other AC. I do not recall any action other than resetting the switch or handle.
  9. Bacho

    For Sale: Aircraft Government auction airplanes -- bargain or trap?

    I have purchased some from Public Surplus. Most of the time Gov sellers have no appetite for embellishing anything. At the same time the gov employees tend to be pretty rough when handling surplus machines. There are not catches as far as the auction is concerned. You just need to do you...
  10. Bacho

    PC 12 Down off of NC Coast

    Anyone familiar with these care to speculate how they seemingly got into a stall while on AP? It sounded like he was having trouble getting the nose back down. I’m assuming it would have an alarm for excessive trim movement but I didn’t see that noted in the transcript.
  11. Bacho

    FedEx 757 Gear-Up Landing at CHA

    You new here?
  12. Bacho

    FedEx 757 Gear-Up Landing at CHA

    That could very well be an emergency. That and the coffee maker going kaput.
  13. Bacho

    Cost to Relocate Port a Port Hangar (Airport Manager Forcing us to Move)

    Moving a bunch of portable hangers at $20,000 a pop sounds like a pretty good contract.
  14. Bacho

    New Windshield - appears to be a defect

    There are some videos on YouTube of how these windshields are made. The entire piece of plastic gets heated and molded around a plug. The area of concern in the OP is an area where it would have to get stretched and conformed the most. It looks like a wrinkle was left. This would strike me as a...
  15. Bacho

    For Sale: Aircraft what point is too much

    Buy on condition. IMO, the airframe hour number on a plane like this is less relevant than people make out.
  16. Bacho

    Possible aircraft purchase with no data plates

    But he is replacing a data plate. I do not think B or C is a limiting factor here. We come across components often that are missing data plates. They get re-made and replaced. In our case we have good records to positively identify the installed part.
  17. Bacho

    Question for Maintenance Shops - why the short hours?

    The 121 guys I know are nearly $20 more an hour than that. Plus really good benefits… Meanwhile my BIL gets $165 an hour to unclog your toilet.
  18. Bacho

    Question for Maintenance Shops - why the short hours?

    I’m quite skeptical of that. I think the problem is complicated. Even $125 an hour is cheaper than your auto service or the idiot coming over to clear a clogged drain on your house. The shop at my field is owned by a guy that is tired of it and having a hard time finding help at rates he...
  19. Bacho

    Boat or Airplane

    I have a 25’ fishing boat kept on a lift in FL, it requires way more MX than my 172.
  20. Bacho

    Fatal discovery flight during takeoff at North Perry 8/4/23

    I suspect the gust lock is installed, my elevators look like that when installed. From the few pictures and videos I see, I don’t think the trailing edge is resting on the ground. That said, who knows what the damage to the airframe is causing to the cables. It is hard for me to fathom trying...