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  1. Spring Ford

    Chrome Problem

    Sorry, I shouldn't have used the term "reboot". There is no such term in Windows. This is critical. Open the power menu, hold down the shift key and chose "Shutdown". Remove power as far as possible, disconnect cord, remove battery if possible. Replace battery, power it up and try Chrome...
  2. Spring Ford

    Chrome Problem

    Yes sure. I think I would check that the OS isn't corrupted first. I considered posting the reinstall chrome option as the earlier one and ultimately decided against it.
  3. Spring Ford

    Chrome Problem

    If all that fails - uninstall Chrome, full restart, and re-install Chrome
  4. Spring Ford

    Chrome Problem

    If a full cold restart does not fix it - I would - (in theory, make sure I have a backup) Check integrity of OS files. This can take a while, possibly hours but usually not in my experience, and will make heavy use of the disk so I would do it when you do not need the machine. From...
  5. Spring Ford

    Chrome Problem

    Try a reboot. Yes, you read that right. No, I don't think you are an id10t. It's ******* Microsoft **** **** ! No obvious option available in modern Windows will do a cold start. Since W8 at least. "Shutdown" closes all apps, does a Hibernate (with driver refresh - whatever that is) and...
  6. Spring Ford

    Seamax m22 Crash East Hampton NY

    Google translate worked. They seem to have changed the interface, I had to download the Italian doc, point google at it and then download the translation. I will try to upload it here. Looks good, 5M is not so much now. Google Translated preliminary report follows.
  7. Spring Ford

    Concrete circles marking old airfields

    Surely they are just circular runways?
  8. Spring Ford

    Viking Aircraft Engines, thoughts? (Honda piston AE?)

    Does it count if you only use two of the cylinders?
  9. Spring Ford

    Thinking about a Bus/RV

    Go Ted or go home :-)
  10. Spring Ford

    Jump Pilot Blames Skydiver For Fatal Midair Collision

    Yes. I suppose the wing-suiters want to go down as slowly as they can (to some approximation) and the pilot wants to go down as fast as he can (precisely and exactly), cos time is money. The wing-suiters start first. The plane may overtake the wingsuiters, guess they didn't work it out.
  11. Spring Ford

    Simple ...real simple Video Editor?

    Movie maker was bundled in Windows Essentials and MS no longer have it available for download. It definitely works in W7-10. This microsoft forum says there is a copy on but I couldn't get it to work...
  12. Spring Ford

    Iphone 11 and IPad Mini 5 going dark

    Hmm. You sure that the screen is not staying the same and that your eyes adapting to the bright light is not making the screen appear dark to your perception. Maybe make sure auto-brightness is on or have the brightness full up.
  13. Spring Ford

    Iphone 11 and IPad Mini 5 going dark

    No experience of these but here they are. "a line of aircraft iPad panel mounts and support systems " "Pilot Series iPad Cooling Case" Plenty non-pilot ones too, I googled [ipad cooler].
  14. Spring Ford

    What is this large heat sink?

    I trimmed the image down roughly, and I discovered later, imperfectly and google image search returns as the top hit:- Aircraft Panel Lighting Dimmer - Lamar Model B-00396-2 I'd say it is likely one of those, but perhaps not the exact same part. Image I...
  15. Spring Ford

    DuPuis Family Cobra Build

    Congratulations on the Cobra, fabulous. Just putting my spelling police hat on for a moment I notice that you misspelled V8 in the above post.o_O
  16. Spring Ford

    Voltage Drop Residential

    There is NOT a voltage drop over distance. It's ALL about amps, and the cable cross sectional area and material, and the distance. V = IR — — Voltage = Current * Resistance The voltage drop is the product of the resistance (for a given cable, proportional to the length) and the current. The...
  17. Spring Ford

    Looking for my fathers old plane - Need advise

    Google ["ELIUD" "VACA" "MOLINA" "bolivia"] The quotes mean - forced inclusion of these individual words. Plenty facebook hits, I don't FB so often can't see pages. Not of course necessarily the same Eliud Vaca Molina:) Dec 2022 "Happy Holidays wishes you the Municipal Mayor of San Borja Eliud...
  18. Spring Ford

    Looking for my fathers old plane - Need advise

    Google translate works pretty well now. You can translate entire web pages/sites. I did a quick search - Google [Cessna 210B 21057912] A few USA hits but one related to Bolivia. It seems to be a revocation list "revocation of the Registration Certificates". There seem to be 137 revocations...
  19. Spring Ford

    DuPuis Family Cobra Build

    Maybe like this?
  20. Spring Ford

    Too hot to fly Legally?

    That's why there are log tables included in every POH.