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  1. jbarrass

    AV-30-C vs regular vacuum DG

    Without the magnetometer mine was a little better, but similar to, the mechanical one it replaced. And no vacuum system! With the magnetometer, there is no drift at all. I’m a happy customer. Head to head, the GI 275 is better. But budget….
  2. jbarrass

    Owning a plane in the DC SFRA

    I own at KJYO and KHEF. The SFRA, and FRZ are an extra thing but really are not much of a factor. To continue beating the dead horse, traffic really sucks, really. All I can is suggest is metro if it works for you. If you are going to drive (I do), avoid crossing a bridge. So live on the same...
  3. jbarrass

    Comanche Time CFI

    I think it's a moving target. When I bought my Comanche with 300/0/0 it was 10 hours. But strangely, when I just bought my Seneca, there was no dual requirement. One company (IAT) wanted an annual FR in make/model but the rest had no restrictions. I only had 40 hours multi, but a lot of...
  4. jbarrass

    Question about BasicMed and Checkrides

    n=2 I've taken 2 check rides with 2 different DPE with BasicMed and this is exactly what they did. I can't imagine any DPE asking detailed medical questions. It seems really off the rails.
  5. jbarrass

    Challenge to the use of Administrative Law Judges is at the Supreme Court

    The bureaucracy seems to feel that was one of the "narrow" rulings and largely ignoring it.
  6. jbarrass

    What to do after a PPL?

    Not speaking for the OP, but I think you have a pretty narrow view, IMHO. I've heard good things about Purdue. Don't know your source. And Ohio State, Baylor, Auburn, and many other well regarded universities have approved R-ATP programs. Of course, experience matters and pro pilot options...
  7. jbarrass

    Challenge to the use of Administrative Law Judges is at the Supreme Court

    Over the last couple years SCOTUS has issued multiple narrow rulings limiting the Chevron doctrine, the root of this evil. There is much hope (maybe too much, but we can hope) they overturn it entirely. Fingers crossed.
  8. jbarrass

    What to do after a PPL?

    Nope. You must get the Commercial and Instrument at an approved college program. Citation for eligibility in CFR 61.160 (b) (3). .... (3) Holds a commercial pilot certificate with an airplane category and instrument rating if: (i) The required ground training was completed as part of an...
  9. jbarrass

    What to do after a PPL?

    My son is 17 and in exactly the same boat. He got his ASES as his first follow-on and is working on the same endorsement list as you are. Plus some fun flying, cross country looking for food. What JScarry posted is very good advice too. In school, some of the requirements are logistically...
  10. jbarrass

    Emergency exit question - especially for Cherokee pilots

    2 doors are better than one of course. Either are better than the sliding canopy I have in my AA1A. I really don't want to crash upside down.
  11. jbarrass

    Mid time engine but overhauled long ago.

    Are there a series or recent oil analysis reports you can look at? If the 300 hours are recent, it seems like whatever might happen, would already happened. It wouldn't scare me but I'd dig a little
  12. jbarrass

    Cockpit space in Tomahawk, Skipper, & Yankee?

    Oops, correct, I'll fix my post. I have a donor O320 I may put in and have it on the brain....
  13. jbarrass

    Starship successfully launches.....

    It does. But "it done blowed up" is still preferred.
  14. jbarrass

    While the engine is off ....

    The 3 most expensive words in aviation (or classic cars) are: "might as well".
  15. jbarrass

    Getting Released from HIMS.

    Congratulations! Most importantly, never lose that letter. Copies everywhere.
  16. jbarrass

    Finding a rigger

    The Seat rating is not a skydiving thing. Worth a call though.
  17. jbarrass

    Cockpit space in Tomahawk, Skipper, & Yankee?

    I have an AA1A. You'll need to try one on. It is bigger than a 150, but different dimensions. The corvette analogy above fits. It is indeed underpowered (with the standard O235) but is an absolute blast to fly. Very light controls. On mine, I can put 330lbs split between the 2 seats with...
  18. jbarrass

    Physician's assistant AME?

    Same. Neither Starr or IAT had a problem issuing me with BasicMed. AOPA recently reported passing 80,000 pilots with BasicMed. Apparently, a lot of people have figured it out. It's a simple and straight forward program, with the added benefit of focusing on staying healthy rather than...
  19. jbarrass

    Educate me on the aviation medical debate

    Sure I do. I trust the insurance companies more than I do the FAA med branch, which says something. Many already do. But honestly, this red hearing could be put to bed by requiring aircraft requiring a type-rating to need a class 2. OK, we agree here OK, your call. Do you need the...
  20. jbarrass

    Educate me on the aviation medical debate

    Asics, not New Balance, but... The FAA seems to think that if you are in the bottom 15th percentile of their home-brew baseline you have ADD and can't fly, but if you are in the 16th+ percentile you do not have ADD and can fly, but not take meds to make you "better". Regardless what any real...