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  1. kgruber

    If you have a stabilator, this is worth the watch.

    Bolt falls out............airplane crashes
  2. kgruber

    Battery or Both

    You get just the slightest more energy from the battery if the alternator is off.
  3. kgruber

    For Sale Alaska Corporate pilot position

    My time in Alaska was mostly Beaver amphibian. It was a GREAT job. All I had to do was fly fishermen into a private fishing camp.........and fly into town every day to shop and deliver food. But then they let me fly to anywhere else I wanted. Like Brooks Park to see the Brown Bears. Often the...
  4. kgruber

    What to use to clean my oily belly?? lol

    Not true. Hot-rodders have been using it on their aluminum engines and manifolds for almost a century.
  5. kgruber

    Stoots IO-370 Prime STC for 172, 175, 170s

    I'd rather have the 215 Franklin.
  6. kgruber

    What to use to clean my oily belly?? lol

    You guys kill me with your laborious work! Spray on.....Hose off!!
  7. kgruber

    Is it possible to manually trip the flush circuit breakers?

    Change the circuit breaker to pullable
  8. kgruber

    Picture uploads too big?

    I use "Imageshack" and host my own pictures.
  9. kgruber

    Advice for an aspiring pilot is appreciated!

    The best and fastest way is to work as a fueler at the biggest FBO in the area. It's the best way to meet all the pilots you'll need to know for a flying job. Plus you'll be right there to take lessons every day while making money.
  10. kgruber

    Aera 760 not powering up

    If it is like an Aera 660, Garmin will not fix it economically. Chris will!
  11. kgruber

    Saving money to convert to FAA CPL license.

    US pilots don't have ANY licenses.
  12. kgruber

    Are we still debating that you have to get the plane in the air VS running it on the ground for 30 minutes is good enough to get the moisture out?

    Kenmore Air Harbor used (40 years ago) to have a service where they would run customer's airplanes once a week. They stopped doing it when these airplanes all started to have rusted-out engines.
  13. kgruber

    PA-44 down in Oregon

    Looks like a twin. Seneca? Seminole?
  14. kgruber

    Garmin GDL 50

    Garmin won't repair one, or at least their price is TOTALLY outrageous. Chris Short repaired mine.
  15. kgruber

    Theoretically possible to get PPL/SEL IFR and AMEL all at the same time?

    NOBODY can get a PPL. Pilots are certificated.......dogs are licensed.
  16. kgruber

    Cleaning GAMI injectors

    I use Hoppies #9 as cologne
  17. kgruber

    Changes Since Your Initial Training (Get Off My Lawn edition)

    When I got my PP Certificate, I could go anywhere and rent an airplane. But I was too young to rent a car!
  18. kgruber

    Changes Since Your Initial Training (Get Off My Lawn edition)

    Somebody said cost. YES! My entire private Pilot Certificate cost about $ 1965. Here is Wally. His T-Craft was $7.00 wet and he was $3.00. Here is Wally in his UPF-7 (Thank you to the original unknown photographer!)
  19. kgruber

    Plexus Shortage

    No problem Lemon Pledge is available at Costco and, regardless of formula change, is GREAT on Plexy.
  20. kgruber

    What do these letters stand for on your certificate?

    Some are A.....B......C??