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  1. Sam D

    Vans Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

    I hope they are able to make it through this. Seems to me that Vans makes a very deep and positive impact on folks who commit themselves to building a plane.
  2. Sam D

    For Sale Altimatic IIIc Autopilot

    Thanks. Was installed cost about the avionics standard (I.e. twice equipment cost)?
  3. Sam D

    For Sale Altimatic IIIc Autopilot

    What did you guys put in and how do you like it? -another Lance owner
  4. Sam D

    My Aircraft Restoration

    19 months…amazing. That’s how long it’s taking me to just cover and paint!
  5. Sam D

    Cessna P210 down near San Diego 11/15/2023

    Based on FlightAware, it does not appear that this plane has flown much recently.
  6. Sam D

    Do you call when you're the unknown traffic

    I'm guessing its pretty unhelpful to ATC when someone calls up and says that they are the traffic and they are actually not the traffic being referred to. For that reason, I either don't say anything or call up for flight following (without trying to "help") on the off-chance that I'm wrong.
  7. Sam D

    Looking for info on buying and leasing a plane to a school or club

    An oldie but a goodie:
  8. Sam D

    So, homebuilders...who are we and where do we stand?

    I haven't posted in quite a while! Covering done and currently painting...
  9. Sam D

    thrust required to move cessna 172 from rest...

    Are the tie down ropes still attached? I have found that this can affect the required force.
  10. Sam D

    FF: annotations

    @Let'sgoflying! somebody at Foreflight heard you with the latest update.
  11. Sam D

    Redundant "traffic" and other annoyances . . .

    The FAA agrees with you. From AC90-66C:
  12. Sam D

    So, homebuilders...who are we and where do we stand?

    I looked at some pictures of the airframe -- I think a radial would look great! Best of luck with your build.
  13. Sam D

    So, homebuilders...who are we and where do we stand?

    What are you planning for engine?
  14. Sam D

    Jimmy Buffet Has Gone West

    I wish he had written more. Loved his writing.
  15. Sam D

    This made me dizzy

    Engine break in?
  16. Sam D

    See You in Oshkosh 2023!

    I’ll be at Rock the Ramp Friday as well. My plane must be faster because I’m pretty sure I’ll make it to OSH on Saturday.
  17. Sam D

    Grand Canyon tour

    You'll be fine! It's the people who don't worry about it that become the problem.
  18. Sam D

    Camp Scholler Tips

    The North 40 begins to turn over on Wednesday and accelerates into Thurs/Fri. I would guess Scholler would experience the same thing.
  19. Sam D

    Historical Flight Track information

    I hope you realize that there is a whole unit at a self-storage facility labelled as "Bryan Turner's past flights" just waiting for you to pick it up. In fact, if you don't pay the grand, they're going to bring over the Storage Wars guys and one of them is going to end up with it.