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  1. Plano Pilot

    Navigating New Look of Aviation Weather Center

    Below is the old one. I still use it for longer range winds aloft forecast. Everything I have checked on it still works and is up to date. Hope it keeps working.
  2. Plano Pilot

    the "not worthy of it's own thread" thread

    I have gone from 225 to 205 in the last 6 months. Some was from eating better but I think most of it was being too busy to snack. Mom was in the hospital 3 times this summer. Moved her to a assisted living near us, sold her house, cars and most everything. She has not been in a hospital since. I...
  3. Plano Pilot

    One airframe with both single & twin-engine versions

    Tri Navion.
  4. Plano Pilot

    Unbelievable Offduty Delta Mechanic notices GA Maintenance Issue from the Ground

    When I first started reading your post, I thought you were talking about us. 10 years ago, I helped move a friend's sailboat from Clear Lake to Corpus Christi. We checked the lights the night before we did the overnight offshore leg from Freeport to Corpus and they worked. Next evening, offshore...
  5. Plano Pilot

    Hilariously wasteful charter flight

    My dad flew a 727 for a Saudi Sheikh years ago. They were in the US and got a call to take the prince's daughter from Saudi to England for a dentist appointment. Empty 727 - US to Saudi, round trip to England with a few passengers, then empty back to the US.
  6. Plano Pilot

    Taxiing into a hangar

    I did it a lot in jets when it was raining. Had to be careful because most hangars have floors that are slippery when wet. FBO's do not seem to let you do it anymore.
  7. Plano Pilot

    Tips for flying through the Annular Eclipse

    It did get darker and cooler in Kerrville, Texas. I was too busy working at my parents' house to enjoy it. I did like the cooler temps.
  8. Plano Pilot

    Hit my first (and hopefully last) bird

    I have hit several in 10,000 hours. Had 2 go through jet engines with no damage. The only one that I did not know that I had hit was in a KA200 at night. it caved in the leading edge of the right wing. Found the damage after we landed, it was night.
  9. Plano Pilot

    Does the >150NM Solo Cross Country require 3 landings at controlled airfields? Is my CFI wrong??

    Don't feel bad. I do not really remember my first solo, in 1978, in a C140. I do remember the first time I flew a nose wheel airplane, 1979 or 80. It was in Hawaii, C150, with a close family friend that was also an instructor, he was quite a character. He flew the Hump in WWII and was a pilot...
  10. Plano Pilot

    Does the >150NM Solo Cross Country require 3 landings at controlled airfields? Is my CFI wrong??

    When I did my primary training in 79-80 it was not required. My dad did his in the early 50's and said it was required then.
  11. Plano Pilot

    What do you consider life changing money

    After seeing what BC covered for my parent's medical bills, in addition to Medicare, I think it is worth it. I was not involved in paying the bills when my dad was alive but for mom it is $366mo for Plan F. Dad died of multiple myeloma and mom has been in the hospital several times but there...
  12. Plano Pilot

    Ancient Travel Itinerary

    I am not the op but have been scanning in some old slides of my parents. They were taken on a South America trip on Braniff probably 1955 or 56. My Dad worked for Braniff as a mechanic in the mid 50's. I believe he started as a pilot for Continental in 56. Looks like the first two were taken at...
  13. Plano Pilot

    Emergency Descents

    I agree. One school I go to talks about students not being able to do an instrument approach without the autopilot. Then they want them to do a steep spiral in IMC for an emergency decent. It sounds like a bad idea to me. I think they should teach a descending 90 degree turn then continue to go...
  14. Plano Pilot

    Keeping oxygen tanks on a plane in a hot summer day

    The two airplanes I fly have oxy tanks that are mounted in the planes. We do nothing with then when it gets hot.
  15. Plano Pilot

    What do these letters stand for on your certificate?

    I was flying a Falcon 20, DA-20, when the Diamond 20's came out. FAA changed our code for flightplans to DA-02. I thought that since Diamond was the new kid they should have been the one to change. My pilot certificate still says DA-20. We were miss identified by ATC a few times, on short VFR...
  16. Plano Pilot

    Jimmy Buffet Has Gone West

    I went to 8 of his concerts, first one was when he opened for the Eagles Hotel California tour 1977 in Ft. Worth. For 3 concerts we rented a 50-seat bus and brought grills and a keg, what fun. He will be greatly missed. There are at least two pilots in the first picture.
  17. Plano Pilot

    Body Transport

    The one time I hauled a body, actually 2, they were in body bags not a box. Made it easier to load.
  18. Plano Pilot

    Boat or Airplane

    If I remember right, Buckley said offshore sailboat racing was like standing in a cold shower tearing up 100-dollar bills.
  19. Plano Pilot

    Aero Commander 500 crash off Key West

    I may be wrong, but I believe that is not a problem with the Aero Commanders.
  20. Plano Pilot

    Is “reaching your breaking point”

    My dad broke an arm off one at DFW around 40 years ago. At the time he was a Capitan for Continental Airlines. I do not remember him getting in trouble for it. Sucker would not lift up!