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  1. JScarry

    Challenge to the use of Administrative Law Judges is at the Supreme Court

    You are correct. It’s even in the name. I should have said the US Code.
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    Challenge to the use of Administrative Law Judges is at the Supreme Court

    I think it goes even farther than that. It’s potentially a challenge to all of the rules that Federal agencies make. So that would throw out ADs, STCs, TSOs, probably type certificates. If it’s not in the CFRs it’s not enforceable.
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    What to do after a PPL?

    Read through the commercial requirements and check off as many as you can. Right now is a good time to get your 10 night takeoffs and landing at a towered field and the 5 hours of night. Any time you are flying solo more than 300 nm make at least 3 landings. If you are flying just for fun, land...
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    Is this spam or legit? (re: IFR magazine)

    You can’t trust the from field on any email. I frequently get email from myself telling me that they’ve been recording my porn habits with my camera. Sadly, there are some bad news that you are about to hear. About few months ago I have gained a full access to all devices used by you for...
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    Cherokee PA28-140 Forward CG fix?

    Something seem off about that calculation. You can put 465 lbs in the front seats of mine with fuel to the tabs and be right at forward CG. Putting less fuel in moves the CG aft and you can even get into the Utility category for Commercial maneuvers...
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    This awesome airplane is not right for you if you need to see the logbooks

    I scanned my logbooks into .png’s and then made a PDF of them. Newer versions of MacOS can find text in images and Apple’s Preview app can find text on the logbook pages that are typed—even if they aren’t perfectly aligned—but not the handwritten ones. I suspect that Windows (or Acrobat) has a...
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    ForeFlight iPad Notice

    I don’t think it’s unreasonable to stop supporting a device that is 4-8 years old. There is a tremendous amount of work required to add new features and ensure that they work on older devices. Sometimes you can’t do it.
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    A tale of two sign girls...

    There are worse sign jobs. We have a place called Mr. Pickle and every day at lunch someone in a pickle suit stands there dancing and waving a sign.
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    Partnerships: Financing

    Not an accountant but I’m pretty sure the LLC has to file Federal tax returns, and, at least in CA, state tax returns as well. If you are careful about managing expenses and income, you probably can avoid any taxes. But if the LLC charges members for flight hours toward reserves they would end...
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    Partnerships: Financing

    Keep in mind that the minimum tax on an LLC is $825 per year. Plus you have to file tax returns. Money paid into the LLC (engine reserve, maintenance reserve, etc.) is taxable in the year it was deposited. You’d have to consult an tax accountant to see if you can get it back when you spend it on...
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    Warning: Insurance renewal and medical type

    I have Old Republic and am over 65. I renewed in 2021 and 2022 with Basic Med. I have a Third Class this year so they may have changed their requirements since then and I wouldn’t know. My broker was not the sharpest so it’s also possible he didn't tell them.
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    providing "no-cost" flight training and the need for a 100 hour. 91-409(b)

    The FAA has a pretty broad interpretation of compensation (goodwill, lunch, hours) and if they had meant compensation they would have said “compensation or hire”, like they did 19 other times in Part 91.They only said “for hire” so you don’t need 100 hour inspections.
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    Another FF + iPad question

    This topic comes up frequently and my answer is always the same. Don’t get the cellular version and spend your money on something else—extra HD space would be good. I’m on my fifth iPad now and have always used an external GPS, Stratux, and now a Sentry (because of the CO monitor function). I’ve...
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    Who's Gonna Pay For That?

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    Student, client, customer, pilot, applicant ...

    but not learner. I’ve been helping an older CFI renew her certificate using the AOPA CFI Renewal Course and I thought it was amusing how many different ways they refer to pilots receiving training. If you need to renew your CFI this course is much better than Sporty’s although the quizzes are...
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    Holy Crap, my house is in ForeFlight

    Working for me. Try refreshing.
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    0.25 bac going for third class

    You need a 3rd class to fly a 4 seater. Light Sport means an aircraft, (5) A maximum seating capacity of no more than two persons, including the pilot.
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    Why did I log it that way?

    § 61.1 Applicability and definitions. Cross-country time means— (C) That includes a landing at a point other than the point of departure; and You are logging the time correctly. (ii) For the purpose of meeting the aeronautical experience requirements (except for a rotorcraft category rating)...
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    Basic Med

    Most places that do commercial trucking exams will do it. You may have to send them the form first if they haven’t done one before.