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  1. francisco collazos

    Osprey crash in Japan

    thx for the laugh today Ron
  2. francisco collazos

    N850JH down @ KLDM 11/26/2023

    It will be interesting to find out the facts of this accident. Both experienced pilots RIP.. Per the article.. Weather conditions about the time of the crash were 95 percent cloud cover with less than one mile visibility, snowing, with winds 7 mph west-southwest with gusts up to 16 mph...
  3. francisco collazos

    Evading interior border checkpoints by flying over them

    Does your name rhyme with monsansis and are you flying them to say.... martha's vinyard or Sacramento?
  4. francisco collazos


    Wow thanks for the information.. pretty cool
  5. francisco collazos


    Can you explain this to me???
  6. francisco collazos

    Tampa Transition

    Thought it would be neat to share, I decided to get some practice flying into a Class Charlie airport (Sarasota) and on the way back did the Tampa bridge transition. Nothing better than overflying TIA at 2500ft
  7. francisco collazos


    Thanks, i've been to SSI for a bit and we would be flying from central Florida anyways.
  8. francisco collazos


    Did you fly in or drive into SAV? They have two FBO's Signature and Sheltair. Just wondering which one you'd recommend?
  9. francisco collazos


    I'm thinking of taking my wife to Savannah next January for our wedding anniversary. Any airport recommendations and places to eat there?
  10. francisco collazos

    Lancair in McKinney 11/11/23

    I read somewhere where the prop reversal wasn't working. I have never heard of that. Is that a thing?
  11. francisco collazos

    Spirit Stops Hiring

    Check out this video regarding Spirit Airlines. Seems like they spent a lot of money on pilot salaries and they are just not making enough revenue.
  12. francisco collazos

    Spirit Airlines in trouble

    What do you guys think of the merger of Spirit with Jet Blue? Spirit is in trouble and this guy thinks its combination of poor economy and increases in pilot salaries.
  13. francisco collazos

    METARmaps (mine is dead)

    I have DIYMETAR and I was able to flash the module with an update. IDK if you can purchase the module ans swap it
  14. francisco collazos

    Avgas Prices Now?

    GA is a captive market and I don't think they have much incentive to lower the price. After all we all have to be rich to fly airplanes..right?:rolleyes::rolleyes:o_O
  15. francisco collazos

    Horizon Jumpseater goes crazy

    I'll leave this here..
  16. francisco collazos

    Macallan Scotch

    balvenie 12 > Macallan 12
  17. francisco collazos

    False ForeFlight Traffic Alerts

    You fix this by having 4 different ads-b devices on 4 different ipads and crosschecking.. I'm here all day if you need more advice
  18. francisco collazos

    Fun flight

    This happened to me when I was 9 yrs old in Colombia. Ended up needing 10 rabies vaccination injections
  19. francisco collazos

    PA-28 fatal crash near KCNY Moab, UT 10/1/2023

    Very true and when I went to South Dakota, I rented an airplane with a CFI because I had never flown in that DA. I wanted to be safe
  20. francisco collazos

    PA-28 fatal crash near KCNY Moab, UT 10/1/2023

    I'll add in that these airplanes are old and so are the motors so performance is probably not the same as well first out of the factory. I myself am paranoid about weight. Here in Florida where the DA might reach 2k in a day I had reservations taking someone else that weighed 240lb along with me...