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  1. Timbeck2

    New to Site - Aviation Author

    Another Cherokee guy! That’s good regardless of where you’re from. Together maybe we can sway the distain back to 172s. ;) Welcome Steve!
  2. Timbeck2

    Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

    Had to send that to a friend of mine’s wife. She’s watched every one of them…all year long
  3. Timbeck2

    If you have a stabilator, this is worth the watch.

    Ya pull a prank on a guy and he hounds you for the rest of you life :sigh:
  4. Timbeck2

    If you have a stabilator, this is worth the watch.

    Thanks for posting this BrianY. Although I know mine is fairly new as it was replaced with the trim barrel, I’m going to go recheck that bolt and all the other bolts too. <—-deathtrap driver /s
  5. Timbeck2

    How to set up to land with a dead engine.

    It will never be for “real” unless you actually shut the engine off. You’ll still have a little thrust even at idle.
  6. Timbeck2

    For Sale Cherokee 140 exhaust

    I figured a year on the market with no takers was enough. I threw everything away.
  7. Timbeck2

    Buying a Pa-28 140

    I have upgraded mine to 160hp plus a Power Flow exhaust. I have yet to fly it. I don’t think the power flow exhaust really ADDS hp to the engine. Since its a tuned system, it releases the horsepower you lost with that convoluted Piper factory exhaust.
  8. Timbeck2

    Two bizjets go bump in Houston

    Nope. Nope Nope and nope. Something bad happens and we’re ALL peeing in a cup. CTO, and CTO examiner cards in my wallet.
  9. Timbeck2

    the "not worthy of it's own thread" thread

    I hate you with all my hate
  10. Timbeck2

    the "not worthy of it's own thread" thread

    Too lazy to find the “What are you reading?” thread. I just finished “Spearhead” by Adam Makos. Couldn’t put it down and I’ve read his other two as well.
  11. Timbeck2

    Be sure to store your Airbus in a cool, dark place

    Am I the only one who doesn’t get the pic of the weird plane with the yellow stuff on the floor?
  12. Timbeck2

    For Sale BEWARE - Scammed by "davclarkeee"

    “Americanairline” called me. I didn’t answer
  13. Timbeck2

    how long to complete an annual inspection for C182

    Depends on what needs to be repaired.
  14. Timbeck2

    Another high oil consumption thread

    I’m going to say an oil return line just for funsies. Cheap and easy fix.
  15. Timbeck2

    Daily Pic

    A hill?
  16. Timbeck2


    I think it was was velocity said - controllers go by the data that was typed into your initial call up at your point of departure. Personally, I don’t even know the code for muskateer, therefore I’d call you “November”… too. They could have looked it up but they don’t always have the time
  17. Timbeck2

    Flying through area 51

    I’ve seen a flight aware track on my plane flying at 700 knots while making a 180 degree turn on a dime and then just vanish. My plane never left the hangar that day
  18. Timbeck2

    Lycoming vs Curtiss

    Maybe Lycoming just isn’t that in to you. Shrug
  19. Timbeck2

    Economical x-country bird.

    I can’t believe they painted TWO like that.
  20. Timbeck2

    New guy

    Where are you located? Welcome to POA