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    Help me fill some space for a flight sim

    I’m an Apple guy but Mac is not what you want for gaming both in terms of OS and computing grunt to price ratio. Build your own PC and you’ll save 30-40% off what you’ll pay for a pre-built. We built our gaming PC last year. Also trackIR is a godsend. I haven’t been into flight sim since the...
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    Wit's End [NA]

    Plenty of data on this phenomena is only a short google away.,and%20inverse%20relationship%20with%20obesity.
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    Another First Officer...

    Negative, I do not. I love the Oxford comma. It reduces ambiguity, much as the singular they does as it offers the ability to be explicitly non-prescriptive in the gender of the subject, leaving the gendered pronouns for situations where the gender is explicitly prescribed. Using he as the...
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    Another First Officer...

    Because pedantic grammarians are universally followed and respected in all aspects of spoken and written word? Just because some grammarians arbitrarily decided to recommend against using it centuries after its use became common, doesn’t mean its usage wasn’t established or commonplace. If you...
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    Another First Officer...

    Using “they” for third person singular has been a linguistic concept for a long time, even prior to the rise of it specifically as a non-gendered pronoun. It’s been around for centuries
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    Lewiston, ME

    ”A well regulated….” Unless you believe that private individuals should have the right to own arms such as artillery, tanks, and nuclear/hydrogen bombs, you already believe there are some ownership rights of arms that can be removed, and then the discussion is purely on where you draw the line...
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    All three Las Vegas airports will charge a $3,000 landing fee during F1 races

    And yet there are continuously calls to “run the government like a business.” If those calls were heeded, this type of thing would be the natural, and to some, desired outcome. A means neutral lottery seems like a natural and fair means of achieving allocation of a limited resource, but the...
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    Two bizjets go bump in Houston

    If the controller informed the hawker of crossing traffic, 100% on the pilot 0% on the controller. If he didn’t, 95% on the pilot and 5% on the controller IMO.
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    ForeFlight iPad Notice

    Libraries are one of those great pieces of infrastructure that would never be created today if they hadn’t already existed. Imagine pitching libraries in 2023: “You want people to be able to read books, for free?!” Love me a good library. Little better way to spend an afternoon on a rainy day
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    ForeFlight iPad Notice

    iPad Air 2 was released in 2014. Assuming they drop support within a year that’s a decade of support for a mobile computing device that cost $500. Not to mention the ARM processors/SoCs have advanced significantly since then. Seems pretty decent to me. Endless backward compatibility is what...
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    School me, what is the appeal of Land Rovers?

    Land Rover has been owned by Tata since 2008, Ford before that, and BMW before that. It hasn’t really been British since ‘94
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    School me, what is the appeal of Land Rovers?

    I agree. I am a lover of hatchbacks, hate that they are so disliked and unavailable here. Very annoyed that Subaru moved the WRX from a hatch to a sedan (not to mention what they did with the latest rev)
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    School me, what is the appeal of Land Rovers?

    If people bought cars in this country based on the idea of matching the car’s intended purpose to the buyers actual mission, the most popular car in the US would be a sedan, not a pickup truck.
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    Tom Brady Joins Delta

    As if athletes aren’t overpaid enough, now they are expanding into the world of overpaid business consultant / motivational speaker.
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    Anyone bought any "AOG Technics" components lately?

    Counterfeit parts in aviation are nothing new. Been happening a long time.
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    Anger directed at drug abusers

    Yeah. Would’ve been trivial to do so on a college campus. Obviously I didn’t but I was really surprised how they just handed this out. The surgeon was even affiliated with the college medical system!
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    Anger directed at drug abusers

    In 2010, when I was 19, I busted my knee up skiing and had surgery. They prescribed me 60 of oxycodone without blinking. I took maybe 3 before I didn’t need it. I was a freshman in college. Had I been of a different mindset I could’ve turned a tidy profit. Was amazing how they prescribed it like...
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    Were there always this many wildfires?

    It is getting worse, particularly on an acreage burned perspective.
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    What were YOU doing at 14 y/o?

    Flying and fixing cars with my dad, building computers for flight sim and VATSIM, learning Java/PHP/MySQL, cooking a lot with my mom. Normal nerd stuff
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    More sensible MIP policy

    Insane that we even have a 21 drinking age. How many people have BS charges like this because some cop was in a bad mood or decided to use this to go after someone.