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    182Q vs 210N cabin size

    It's my understanding from the Cessna Pilots Association course I took on the 182, the 182 and 210 are the same except the cabin is extended. This was in reference to 70's and 80's vintage.
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    Big Rant. 100 Hours in and no solo. Need any advice.

    I would ask for a sit down with your instructor and chief pilot. Know your funds level with the school before the meeting. Make a list of specific questions as to why are you at 100 hrs and $$$'s into training and no solo. Point out the total dollars spent to date. "Other instructor said I was...
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    How to get started after long layoff?

    After almost 20 years away, I did similar studies to catch up then scheduled some 're-familiarizing' flights at different schools. Gave me a chance to go up for an hour and get a feel for each school and their equipment, and do some flying as well. After a couple flights I knew which school I...
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    Insurance Requirements for a Purchasing a Complex?

    As mentioned above, hull value and time in type are huge factors. IFR helps As mentioned above, find a plane online, use that N number and call a quality Insurance Broker. Get quoted Your conversation with a Insurance BROKER will be the facts You have to weed out the references that are more...
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    Balled Up a C170 - 2 Deceased

    Clearly when renting or taking lessons you need proof, thus I omitted these. However if you want to buy a plane, my points are valid. I’m not advocating this behavior, just an observation
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    Balled Up a C170 - 2 Deceased

    Yeah, that’s the challenge, virtually nowhere in GA do you need to show ‘credentials’ How would anyone know? I’ve purchased airplanes, rented hangars, bought fuel, annuals, insurance, repairs, etc. etc….yet never once have been asked for my certificate or any proof I am legal to fly…..
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    Podcast Input

    Will definitely give it a listen! As a heavy pod listener (various topics) I’d give you this advice: No matter what it takes, you have to nail great audio quality. Bad audio is like going to your favorite restaurant and getting horrible service. You may never go back due to the one bad...
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    Got a new twin today!

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    buying a flight sim?

    Fwiw, if you want to get acclimated to newer avionics, Garmin has a couple of free Trainer apps you can run on your PC. When I got back to flying after 15 years away, the GTN 750 trainer app was pretty helpful to poke around on a bit to become familiar with the interface. It’s pretty easy to get...
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    Buying a plane with damage history

    Btw, to the OP….get the R182, great traveler, comfortable, etc. I love mine. As mentioned above, do not blow into a full on maintenance makeover. Use a shop that has or is actively maintaining Cessna single retracts and has a mindset to follow the Cessna service manuals, not their...
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    Buying a plane with damage history

    I have looked a several aircraft that had ‘no damage history or no known damage history’ and no repairs are noted in the logs. However, a search of the various aircraft damage databases will turn up PLENTY of damage reports on aircraft being represented as NDH. if it’s not to severe, to...